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2023/24 Season Report Card - Dom Szoboszlai

It’s hard not to be disappointed by Szoboszlai’s season as a whole because of the impressive way he started it. He looked like a superstar in those opening couple of months but then it just fizzled out into nothing. If it had gone the other way around I expect this rating would be much higher, so maybe I’m being too influenced by recency bias?


I just feel like he massively underachieved though. He offered virtually nothing after the turn of the year and I don’t really buy the excuse that it was due to tiredness or the hamstring injury he picked up that kept him out a little while. Neither of those things helped, but it was more than that. He went from looking like Steven Gerrard to Steven Hawking almost overnight. In hi defence, he acknowledged his poor form and dismissed those excuses as not being valid.

I’d see what he was doing every international break when he returned to Hungary and that would make his lack of impact even more frustrating. Some of the goals he scored for his country were like nothing we saw when he was with us.  
There were some reports in Hungary that he was struggling to settle on Merseyside and that he was pretty miserable. I don’t know if that’s true but it’s conceivable when you look at how his form nosedived.


Yet it hasn’t really shaken my belief in him. He’s a huge talent and I’m sure he’ll bounce back. It was his first season here and he showed plenty of promise. I don’t necessarily think the role he played helped him either. That right sided midfield spot is tough because Trent isn’t overlapping much now and I don’t think it’s easy playing behind Salah either.


Considering how high his stock was back in October/November time it's hard to believe the season played out the way it did for him, but it's all part of the learning curve I guess and despite having tons of experience, he is still relatively young and with his best football ahead of him.


Previous Season Ratings:




This Season’s Rating: 6.5/10


I could use exactly the same wording I used in Gravenberch's review; Maybe a little harsh and I won't argue if you want to give him a 7 based on the fact it was his first season in a new league and he wasn't starting regularly, but I just think he should be getting a bit more out of the obvious talent he has.


Best Moment: 


The piledriver against Leicester in the cup was a real wow moment and we really thought we had a star on our hands there. Honourable mention to him getting into a huge row with Tarkowski and some Everton players in the tunnel after the derby defeat, when he took exception to their celebrating and was yelling at Tarkowski "I can't believe we lost to you. You're the worst side I've lost to in my whole career".


Worst Moment:


Old Trafford maybe? He had chances to score and didn't take them, but then half a dozen other are just as guilty of that. No specific moment stands out really.


The Future?


A new role under Slot might see him thrive and be able to concentrate on the things he’s good at, as it felt like he was somewhat handcuffed by the role he played. Maybe playing wide in the front three, or as a number ten given license to rampage forward and utilise his excellent shooting ability will see him fulfil the massive potential he has. 

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Agree on the turn in form from him - looked a proper number 8 for months then....

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It felt like the plan for him was to turn him in to the new Gini Wijnaldum.


There are lots of similarities between the two, both naturally more attacking than defensive, both seem fit and durable, both frustratingly inconsistent and capable of being either one of the best player's on the pitch or completely invisible.


As you say, with Klopp leaving Dom's role might change and he is might be considered as more of an attacker than a midfielder next season. 

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Worst moment for me was his on-field display at Goodison. He didn't like the physicality amd spent most of the game sulking and pleading to the ref until he was subbed.


No point making sarky comments to their players after the game when you've spent the match itself letting them bully you.


Can only hope he learns from it.

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Very 50/50 season from Dom. Until the new year and his first injury, he had been the pick of the midfielders. Impressive with the ball and with incredible stamina that made it look as though he got stronger as others tired. Then came 2024, a few injuries and then his form really tailed off. He needs to get back into the 2023 headspace and figure out how to avoid what followed.

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