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2023/24 Season Report Card - Curtis Jones

Another ultimately frustrating season for Curtis who can’t seem to catch a break. He ended last season superbly and just needed games to build on that, but he never got a proper extended run through no fault of his own. I think the most league starts he had in a row was five.


We looked a much more controlled, settled side with him in it sand he was really starting to nail down a spot as one of the three first choice midfielders. In that spell when we looked at our best we had Endo holding, Macca pulling the strings and Curtis leading the press and knitting everything together. The only other midfielder seriously pushing that trio for a spot was Elliott. Jones was ahead of him and everyone else though.


Then he got injured away at Brentford and didn’t get back in, mainly because he’s one of those players that takes a while to get back up to speed after a lay off, and we couldn’t really afford him that time as the team was struggling. That's the only negative with Curtis really. The injuries seem to be more unfortunate than anything else and I don't see him as a Lallana / Keita type at all. The problem is that he's very much a rhythm player and when he doesn't have it he tends to take too many touches, not move the ball quickly enough and generally plays a bit too safe. When he's flying, he should be in the line up as we're a better team with him in it. 


He also had that incredibly harsh red card at Spurs which came at the worst possible time because the way the fixtures worked out he missed a whole month of Premier League games and had to play in the cups to try to maintain his rhythm. He made only 14 starts in the league, which seemed surprising when I saw it but when you think about how the season played out, it makes more sense. Those two lay offs - one through suspension, one through injury - absolutely stopped his momentum stone dead and it takes him time to get it back.


It's a real shame because he's worked so hard to change his game and adapt to what Klopp needed from him. He broke into the squad as a Coutinho type, a maverick dribbler who would cut in from the left and make things happen. He's now evolved into a disciplined, responsible Wijnaldum type and he deserves a lot of credit for being able to do that.


It will be interesting to see what role Arne Slot sees him playing in though, and Curtis is probably one of those who will be most worried about the change because Klopp is all he’s known, and we know that Klopp loved him. Now he has to win over the new man and there is a lot of competition for places in midfield, especially if Slot only goes with two.


Previous Season Ratings:


2022/23:  7/10

2021/22:   7/10


This Season’s Rating: 7/10


Frustrating really because without the injuries and the disruption that causes to his form, he'd have been pushing Virgil for Player of the Year.


Best Moment: 


Scoring twice West Ham in the cup.


Worst Moment:


The red card at Spurs or the injury at Brentford.


The Future?


Pre-season is big for him as it will allow him to make an early impression on the new boss while some of the other senior midfielders are away.

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I think the Spurs match in total was a tipping point for Klopp throwing in the towel.

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I’d go with 6/10


I agree that up until his injury he had probably been our second best player, but the decline when he came back was really quite shocking. Even in a team of shocking performances, him and Dom looked particularly bad. 

Worst moment has to be the miss against Palace at Anfield. We probably go onto win if he scores and who knows what happens in the title race after that.

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