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Van Dijk: Players should contribute to the solution regarding fixture congestion.

Virgil Van Dijk has urged his fellow professionals to speak out about the pressing issue of the congested Football calendar.


The Dutchman is one footballer who is not afraid to discuss issues that others may shy away from such as the difficulty with dealing with constant criticism and the toll it can take on you mentally.


There will be many in the general community who will not shed a tear for footballers in their privileged position as they have their own battles against the growing cost of living and other everyday issues.


Van Dijk is aware of the platform he holds and the perks that comes with that, but this is not the first time he has raised this matter, also speaking about it in regards to the ludicrous fixturing of Nations League games at the end of the domestic season.


Back in his homeland ahead of a European Championships fixture against France, Van Dijk had a somewhat robust exchange with a local journalist on the matter as the Echo reported.




“In England we believe that the calendars are too demanding. The players are paid well, but this should never be to the detriment of our health.


"We keep having to play more and more games. We players should start saying something, contribute to a solution."


The journalist named Valentijn Driessen then asked the Liverpool and Netherlands captain if less games meant a cut to his wage.


Van Dijk did not like the premise to the question saying that “Because it shouldn't depend on my salary? And all the extra competitions? The Nations League? The money of that doesn't go to my salary.


Dreissen pressed further suggesting that players get win bonuses if successful in those competitions but once again Van Dijk was sharp with his response.


“These bonuses are not a guarantee."


While it is a undoubted fact that top players from leagues across Europe get paid exceedingly well, it is also true that the everyday matchgoer and those viewing on subscription platforms would be paying for a product that foreseeably could rapidly decline in quality if players continue to be pushed to the physical brink.


There are no literally winners in that.


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