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Robertson: Honesty is the best policy for team success

A strong and honest team ethic is one of the key reasons behind Liverpool's superb start to the Premier League season according to Andy Robertson.

The fan favourite says that the players have taken it upon themselves to take constructive criticism on the chin without  responding to it in a negative fashion.

Disharmony and whispering campaigns can spread like a deadly disease within a dressing room, but the left-back says by speaking face to face about any difference of opinion, respect is earned by all parties.

The Mirror reports Robertson as saying:

"There were a couple of arguments out there (against Wolves). A couple of things that needed to be said – and they were.

" If you don't agree with it, you deal with it at full-time or half-time and speak to one another.

"When you are out on the pitch and it's 100 miles an hour you don't have time to discuss why something was said to you.

"We have spoken together about this as a team. We do discuss things. We have said that's it's having that honesty between us which is important.

" Whether it's the youngest player - someone like Trent Alexander-Arnold - tells you to do something and he believes it's right then you do it.


"You can go back and ask Trent for an explanation later – if you haven't agreed with it, obviously."



The opposition are very quick to pick up on any friction within the ranks and naturally that can build confidence.

Robertson knows this all too well and therefore believes the policy that the Reds have in place is the way forward. 

"When people are arguing on the pitch, it can have a negative effect and you can get distracted. I think that's something the lads have done really well since the start of the season. It shows the respect between us."

There was a time in the not too distant past where Liverpool were criticised for not having enough on-field leaders.

It seemed to be a profound weakness in the quest to progress as a team, but the Scottish captain believes it is now a clear strength of this Liverpool side.

“Virgil Van Dijk is captain of his country. We have a fantastic captain in Jordan Henderson who clocked up 300 appearances for the club against Wolves – and that's a great achievement.



"We've got James Miner as well, who is a fantastic professional. There are plenty of leaders on the park – I'm including Dejan Lovren in that, as well.

" And the more leaders we have got out there, the better, as far as I'm concerned.”

The victory against Wolves saw another elite performance by Van Dijk and Robertson quipped that he was getting bored with talking about the performances of the big Dutchman.

" I'm getting bored talking about how good he is... I'm only joking.

"We knew what we saw Adama Traore playing up front that he's got great pace. His pace and directness are a big threat – and big Virgil did so well with him.

" I'm sure he will be disappointed he has not scored more goals but it was a clean sheet and his first Premier League goal. It was pretty much a perfect day for him.

"His impact on the club has been good. He's been brilliant. I've worked alongside him for the majority of time on the left-hand side of defence.

"He's just a great lad to have alongside you.”

What Andy Robertson spoke about is yet another example of the growing maturity of this squad.

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19 hours ago, Aventus said:

What a load of bollocks. 


I much preferred it when our players were trying to twat each other with golf clubs. 

No team spirit any more. No wonder we lost the champions league final. Should have played fore,fore,fucking two!

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