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Report: Mbappe top transfer target for Reds

Kylian Mbappe shapes as being Liverpool’s top transfer target next summer according to a fresh report.

The Daily Express (via El Desmarque ) says that Liverpool will provide ‘stern opposition’ to Real Madrid in the quest to sign the extremely talented 20 year-old forward from PSG.

The report says that Liverpool are willing to pay £215 million for the French star as well as £34 million a year on wages.

But if the Reds look to sign Mbappe, it will likely mean that one of the current front three will be departing.

Real Madrid have made no secret that they are admirers of both Mo Salah and Sadio Mane and will likely be a leading suitor if either of them come onto the market.

While PSG have no intention of selling Mbappe at this time, the player himself has recently talked about seeking a fresh challenge.



“ I think I'm reaching the first or second turning point in my career.

“ Maybe it's time to have more responsibility, which could be at PSG with great pleasure or maybe somewhere else with a new project.

“This was my fourth season in this league and I've had a lot of exciting experiences. “

“First, I was with Monaco and we managed to win the title and then I joined a totally different project in Paris where I've managed to adapt from the first year.

“ There have been some disappointments, but that's part of football and we managed to solve things in order to win the title.

Mbappe has tasted plenty of success in a team sense winning three titles (two for PSG and one at Monaco) along with a fair  number of individual accolades.

We will continue to watch this story with interest as the season progresses.

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Can't see it but if it did be interesting on how this would changes the set up. 


You'd be wasting him out wide which means playing two up top or a 4-2-3-1 and still needing a wide player. 

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I saw this report on TeamTalk. I think we can file this under 'WTF'?


In another article on TeamTalk...


“I think he’ll reinforce,” said Heskey, who was speaking of behalf of GentingBet in quotes reported by the Daily Star. “He’ll just add one or two in key areas.


“I don’t think they have enough strength and depth in attack.


“They do at the back – particularly at centre-back – but going forward they are more limited.


“Divock Origi is handy when he comes on, but they’ve got a young lad like Rhian Brewster who isn’t established yet – even though he’s a great talent.


“Nobody knows what Timo Werner could possibly become. But at this moment in time we don’t know if he’s the next big thing.”


There have been suggestions that the arrival of another striker could upset established front trio of Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, but Heskey thinks the extra competition will do them all some good.


“It can rattle egos,” said Heskey.


“But this is where your staff will have done their homework.


“In a sense of who you bring into the club, obviously it’s going to upset someone – especially when they could take your place.


“But as a player, you’ve got to be able to say: ‘Okay I’m going to rise to the occasion’.”



“Origi still has a future there, but as a starter – someone you’ll put your faith in – probably not.”

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Because we're really going to triple our highest transfer fee for one player and pay him triple what we pay our current highest paid players. When did we get Peter Ridsdale in?

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I would give this transfer my blessing. Just as I would allow Margot Robbie to polish my knob. I'm not sure which one is less likely, though. Both roughly zero percent chance. 


Timo Werner on the other hand. That's an option. 

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26 minutes ago, cloggypop said:

Just Do It

Was actually wondering if his and our (potential) links to Nike might make this happening more likely. Would be a hell of a way to signal the beginning of any new sponsorship deal in that regard.

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1 minute ago, SasaS said:

At what number would we think, get in?

It's never a straight number is it though .  Add ons, appearance money, spread payments etc etc.

All this aside is the club going to drive a bus through the whole wage structure by saying this guy is worth 3 times a Sala or Mane ?  Not in my opinion so let's move on .  

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3 minutes ago, Captain Turdseye said:

He’s done nothing outside the French league. £40m. Take it or leave it. 

Wage demands are only £34m. I like the cut of your jib, pay him more. 

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