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Mowbray: Ability of Elliott is well beyond his years 

Veteran manger Tony Mowbray says that he is little doubt that Harvey Elliott can go all the way to the very top of the game.


It has been a challenging first five games on the injury and form front for the Reds but amongst the difficult start,  the 19 year-old has been a beacon of hope in the present moment and most definitely for the future with his lively displays, most notably in the dramatic 2-1 win against Newcastle on Wednesday evening.


Jurgen Klopp has been a major influence on the development of Elliott through his formative football years since arriving against Fulham in July 2019.


But another ‘fatherly figure’ in a football sense for Elliott is Mowbray, a man who has been in the management game for the best part of 20 years and just a few days ago took charge of his eighth side during that period in Sunderland.


Prior to that Mowbray was at Blackburn where Elliott spent the 2020/21 season under his tutelage and having been around the game for such a long period of time, he knows how to spot a player of talent.


And in his mind, Mowbray has no doubt in the direction that Elliott is heading. (per The Mail).


“In those 12 months, I'd say 99 per cent of the time he was just absolutely outstanding.


“What a left foot he's got, he must have supplied 12-15 goals for Adam Armstrong and it was joy for our team to play with him.




Anyone who has listened to Harvey speak or dealt with him on a personal level says that he is a very well presented and level headed youngster.


While being unquestionably humble off the pitch, on it he plays with a real confidence and maturity well beyond his years and is not afraid to hold his teammates to high standards as Mowbray recalled:


“What I liked most about him was his personality and character. I remember a game we had at QPR. We were drawing 0-0 at half-time and Harvey came off having a row with our goalkeeper. He was 17 and giving his opinion on what he thought and I didn't mind that at all.


“We had a little exchanges ourselves. Afterwards, he came to see me. He listened to what I said and was humble and apologetic, such a good kid and comes from a solid family. He was just desperate to learn and you could see that he was miles better than Championship level.”


While Liverpool are a club chasing honours once again this season, Mowbray says that Elliott is certainly earning games on merit and can go to another level.


“When you are in Liverpool's team at that age, it's got nothing to do with building you up. You're in the team to help them win.


“He's doing that. He'll play for England one day. He's like a golfer, with every club in his bag. There isn't a pass he can't hit; long, short or little dinks with spin. He's magic.”

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