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Klopp: We need to find a way to keep Caoimhin here for the long term

Jurgen Klopp has once again declared that Caoimhin Kelleher will be in goal for the Carabao Cup final against Chelsea on Sunday.


Like most managers do in the modern era, Klopp has looked to rotate his goalkeepers during the domestic Cup competitions.


But there was a deviation from that policy in the first leg of the Semi Final against Arsenal when Alisson played.That had much to do with the fact that the Brazilian had been out with a bout of Covid and needed the minutes under his belt.


Come the second leg and the young Irishman had reclaimed his place and after booking their ticket to Wembley, Klopp said that it would stay that why in the final.


The German spoke about his reasoning further in the lead-up to the showcase fixture on Sunday explaining per the Echo that it is all about long term planning. 




“It’s just a thing we have to do because of the quality Caoimh has.


“We want to keep him as long as somehow possible, knowing that, from our point of view, the best goalkeeper in the world is our number one.


“Caoimh is an exceptional goalkeeper and we want to keep him here. And for that, he needs games. These games are his competition, and there’s no chance of him not playing.


“As always, if it works out, then it’s all about Caoimh, If it doesn’t work out, then it’s all about me. It’s as easy as that, and I take it.”


For his part, Kelleher is trying to keep his preparation as simple as possible (per the Mail).


“l will just be relaxed and calm and try to prepare like any other game.


“(But) there will be some nerves. A little bit of nerves is good. I’ve played a few games and had chances to show my ability. I’ve been happy with what I’ve done so far and now have a final to look forward to.’’


There will be plenty of eyes on the young Irishman and no doubt a million thoughts will be racing through his mind as he walks onto the halllowed turf of Wembley on Sunday.


While there have been plenty of individuals that have helped Kelleher reach this point of his career, he wanted to pay special tribute to his goalkeeping coach in John Achterburg who told Klopp to keep faith in him during various periods of time during his seven years at the club.


“I have a lot to thank John for in that respect. I know for sure I would not be here if it was not for him. 


'He wants a goalkeeper who is very good in every area so he has developed every aspect of my game.’


Achterburg has commissioned a mural by local artist John Culshaw to be done at the Kirkby training base paying tribute to the 13 goalkeepers who have lifted silverware at the Reds throughout their history.




The wall is behind the keepers’ training complex providing someone like Kelleher with incredible inspiration.


“There are absolute legends up on that wall so just to be up there would be an honour for me. ‘I always had belief I could get up to the first team but this? It’s still a really nice moment.”







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If he carries on improving it’ll be difficult to keep him here.

Someone will pay good money for him to have a first team place.

In the longer run, it might be better to allow him to move on, but with a buy back clause should we need him back at some point.

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Would make sense to keep him as long as we can, as he seems the perfect successor to Alisson should he move on at some point. A loan might become the only viable way of keeping him, though Alisson misses a few games with injury every season and he’d also get the cup games. 

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Top young keeper so it would be ridiculous to let him go. He's a potential and very viable number 1 here in a few years.


My preference would be to get him top class loans to very good teams over the next few years.

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2 minutes ago, Kevin D said:

I don’t think he should start in the final. Alisson is a better player and we should start our best team.

Of course he shouldn’t be starting.  We’ll not be starting Minimino and he played a huge part in getting us there.



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I think it will get harder to retain Kelleher in a season or two. The Republic will probably push him to look for regular football elsewhere and, other clubs may start taking an increased interest in him. The lad also wants regular game time like any player.


Is it possible to play him in a few league games and rest Alli? How would Alli feel if suddenly he's only playing say, 30 league games a season?

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It does make some sense to give him these opportunities but when it comes to finals, we really should be starting our number 1. If he is as good as Klopp thinks then it's inevitable that he will have to leave unless Alisson wants a move or gets a bad injury. 

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