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Dalglish: Henderson deserves to sit among the great Liverpool captains

Sir Kenny Dalglish believes that Jordan Henderson comfortably belongs in the upper echelon of great Liverpool captains.

Dalglish is the man who brought the former Sunderland midfielder to the club in June of 2011.

It is fair to say that the signing had a underwhelming feel to it at a time when the club were looking to get back on its feet again after a horrendous time on and off the pitch.

However the man who was brought in to raise the spirits of the fanbase and club in general did not have any doubts on the quality of Henderson.

The Mirror reported the iconic figure as saying:

“When I signed him) I saw somebody who was better than what we had at that time. That was on the pitch. Then when you get into discussions, he was very balanced, his dad came with him for the conversations which was for me a good sign.

“He had a secure home life which helps and he was determined to be a success in football. If I hadn’t given him a chance, it would have been me who would have been wrong. I’m not being modest; you see something you like it and you get it.”

"Jordan will be the only Liverpool captain who has lifted this trophy and be a World Club Cup winner as well. He is up there with the captains who have picked up the Champions League.”

Dalglish who was the manager in charge when Liverpool won the title 30 years ago says that Jürgen Klopp is a manager that has a unique ability to connect not just with Liverpool fans, but is truly respected by the opposition too.



“Obviously Liverpool fans and the players adore Jurgen, but there are a lot of opposition fans who think he is a good fella, too.

“You don’t get that with too many managers. You don’t get that. That is quite unique.


"Jurgen is the perfect fit for Liverpool. He is perfect.

“I am sure he is Scouser. Some people are suited to clubs because of the personality they have and the beliefs they have are similar and that is exactly what Jurgen has.

“He is very comfortable in himself because he knows what he does is an honest effort and commitment to success, and he doesn’t mind sharing that success.

“He knows what he is doing is the right way for him. Some people might feel intimidated, but when the club had success there were always people in and around the football club. I think that is important to have that
“He is very comfortable and he enjoys sharing the success he has with everybody.”

The King had a special word for the group of individuals who follow the club come rain, hail or shine.

“The supporters have always been there, right beside the club, it is a fantastic day for them and one they thoroughly deserve,”.

“You don’t get the success they have had with four trophies in a year without everybody going in the same direction and everyone supporting each other. 

“That is what they have done. The manager is the one who set that off.

“Everyone has respected their respective roles to get them to this situation. I am sure it is not finished yet.”


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