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Carragher: Liverpool are not buying superstars they are making them.

Liverpool overcame another obstacle on their way to claiming the Premier League trophy overcoming Tottenham 1-0 in North London on Saturday evening.

A Roberto Firmino strike approaching half time after some excellent work in the lead up by Jordan Henderson and Mo Salah was the difference in a game which saw the Reds add some more records to the seemingly never ending list their have made over the last 18 months or so.

The victory sees Jürgen Klopp’s men compile 61 points in 21 games which is the best ever start to a campaign not just in English Football, but in any of the top five leagues in Europe.

It also marked the 38th league game that Liverpool had avoided defeat (33 wins/5 draws) and the first time they had kept six consecutive clean sheets since December 2006 but despite these notable landmarks, Klopp was far from a man popping the champagne corks after the game.

“ Look, I really try to respond in an appropriate way, but when somebody told me I didn’t feel anything. 

“It is just not like that. I am in football for 50 years or so and if somebody would have told me that would ever happen I would probably have said it’s not possible. 

“Now it happened I don’t feel [anything].


"I don’t know exactly what is wrong with me, but it’s really cool and it’s exceptional.

Klopp struck a tone of a man who was intent on living in the present, knowing full well that the ultimate prize is all that matters and has not yet secured, which in turn left the accolades to others.

Sky Sports pundits Jamie Carragher and Garry Neville filled that breach perfectly.

Carragher hailed the evolution of this side under the tenure of the German from ‘edge of the seat Football’ to consistent brilliance.

“They always do enough in games and in the big games they are at their best, although maybe not today.



“We knew Klopp was a top manager but I didn't think this development of the team over several years was possible. 

“To get to this stage they are the best team in the world"

Carra also raised a pertinent point when saying how this team was made in a way not often seen with successful teams in the modern era.

“It's not that Liverpool are just buying players with this special ability that nobody else sees these players.

“Robertson came from Hull, Wijnaldum was relegated with Newcastle, Salah had been at Chelsea, Mane had been in the Premier League…they are not just going to the best clubs in the world and buying the best players.

“ It's okay buying players but it's what you do with them. Sometimes we forget that. Once you have that player you have to improve them, and Jurgen Klopp probably doesn't get enough credit for that, the work he does as a coach.

“Liverpool are not buying superstars, they are making them."

Meanwhile Neville wanted to identify a particular player for specific praise.

“Their centre-forward, Firmino, I think any manager in the world would have him as their centre-forward in their team.

“I think he's absolutely incredible, Firmino. Selfless, brilliant, scores goals, sets things up, you can link off him, he makes all the right runs. He's just an outstanding player."


The man who won countless honours in his playing career certainly knows a special team when he sees one.

“They are outstanding, brilliant to watch and doing everything a championship-winning team should be doing. I can't see anyone stopping them.

“ I think the lead is unassailable


"Klopp will never say it but his team are playing so well and are so in control and they are still growing and getting better.”


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Neville sees how good Firmino is, but he's still largely under the radar, which is mad. 


You could take many players from this team, stick them in another team and they'd be 50% of the player they are now. That's the magic of Klopp.

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Look at the reaction to this on Twitter:



So many cranks from other clubs who have either not understood or deliberately ignored his point have gone steaming in on this (mainly because Carra RT'd it and brought it to their attention).


When he initially said that after the Spurs game, I thought it was a fairly indisputable statement that no-one could take issue with. The players in this team who are superstars were not regarded that way when we bought them. 


Alisson was probably the main exception as he would have been classed as one of the top five keepers in the world, maybe even top three in most people's eyes. Despite that, he too has seen his reputation sky rocket under Klopp.


The front three, Trent, Robbo and even Virgil all had people questioning either their quality or the price tag, but are now regarded among the very best in the world in their respective positions.


Bottom line - Klopp has bought good players and he's bought very good players, but he's made almost all of them great players.

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The thread title basically sums up what the club did during the 60s, 70s and 80s. If you think about it, Shankly, Paisley and co brought through a number of players from the youth ranks, and added players who at the time weren't considered to be amongst the best in their position. Arguably, Kenny is the only exception to that. These players all became exceptional after joining Liverpool, and Klopp and his staff are going about things the same way with the additions they are making.

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Yea I remember everyone mocking the VVD deal, but I think he compliments our team and brings the best out of everyone else. I don't think WE have dramatically improved him. He was ace from day 1.


Same as Allison IMO. Again people mock the price tag as they ways do but he was highly regarded before us.


The rest were a level or two below their current status on the game when we signed them.

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