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Worst of the TLW Era - YOU decide: Centre midfield

With the 100th and final issue of ‘The Liverpool Way’ fast approaching we’re looking to get your input on a series of articles featuring ‘the best and worst of’ the TLW era, which spans from August 1999 when the first issue was printed, to now as we prepare to declare once reaching a century.


You’ve already voted for your best team of the last 16 years (if you haven’t you can do so here) so now let’s go for the worst. The keeper and back four have been decided, and both wings have been filled so all that’s left now is the midfield engine room and the front two. We’ll get to the strikers tomorrow, but let’s complete the midfield four first.


We’ve got two holding players and two so called creative ones. You can either just pick the worst pair, or if you’re looking for balance pick the worst combination of both.



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