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Willian saga reinforces LFC fall from elite

There's been a lot of finger-pointing among Liverpool's fan base this week as Willian became the latest high-profile target to say "thanks but no thanks" to LFC. The latest transfer saga involving the Reds came to a sadly all-too-predictable end as the Brazilian initially opted for Spurs before Chelsea swooped in to grab him.


Regardless of where the Brazilian ends up, Brendan Rodgers has been left high and dry once again as the club continually fail to bolster his attacking options. It's getting ridiculous now -- who is in charge of Liverpool's transfer dealings, Arsene Wenger? 


Some fans blame the owners for not showing enough financial intent and allowing Spurs to outbid them. Others blame the scouting team for not going for more realistic targets, while there are those -- let's call them die-hards -- who simply blame the player for not knowing what a huge mistake he is making in turning down the opportunity to pull on the famous red shirt. Me? I blame them all, to a degree. Especially Willian -- I mean, who wouldn't want to play alongside the genius who is little Phil Coutinho? Madness! 


All that said, the biggest factor in Liverpool's missing out on all of these players is circumstances. After four years in the wilderness, the Reds simply don't have the pulling power they once had, and this summer that has really begun to hit home as players have snubbed Liverpool in never-before-seen numbers. Missing out to teams in the Champions League is one thing -- but when it's Spurs, that's a different kettle of fish entirely. 


Willian may end up at Chelsea, but it doesn't change the fact that he saw White Hart Lane as a more attractive destination than Anfield -- that's a pretty big wake-up call for Liverpool. 


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