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Why Liverpool are always the fans favourites

When it comes to soccer teams in the Premier League, there are a few other squads that win the fans' affections quite as much as Liverpool.


The team has been one of the biggest staying powers in English soccer ever since it was founded back in 1892, and it has certainly been one of the most successful.


You can make numerous soccer bets today and most of them will have to do with Liverpool because of the club's expertise in making sure that it's always represented in the biggest competitions in Europe and the United Kingdom.


The team has been able to pull off some amazing feats as well. It punished FC Barcelona in 2019 without two of it’s regular front three, showing the Catalonians that you can never underestimate Liverpool, and it has been arguably the better team when compared to Manchester City, even if the Premier League title had been elusive to say the least until last year.


In any event, Liverpool is doing a fantastic job in one other area as well – staying a fan favourite squad. Yet, the team is more than just pretty faces – it's a successful soccer club that has quite the history.


Liverpool Shapes the Future of Soccer


It's safe to say that Liverpool has truly done enough to determine the future of the game. The team has driven fans to loyalty, but it has done so not by spurring up some sentimentality – rather, Liverpool has made sure that it delivers impeccable plays and makes sure that every player on the squad is prepared to play.


Team B may be those players that not many people have heard about, but if you are a Liverpool fan, you will certainly know all of them. This is especially true under Jürgen Klopp who has gone the extra mile to make the team more involved.


There are no longer one or two stars out there – there are star compositions that play extremely well together. When we witnessed Barcelona's downfall in 2019, it was true that the Catalonians didn't play their best, comfortable in the thought that they had probably won the Champions League.


Well, this over-confidence and Liverpool's continuous strive to improve cost them! Today, Liverpool remains a team that shapes the future of the game by investing a lot emotionally and in terms of pure training. Liverpool is always out there and looking to boost the level of its play. 


What's Next for Liverpool?


The Premier League is proving a bit of a challenging time for everyone. Put this way, Liverpool is now vying with many new teams, such as Aston Villa and Leicester City, that have truly improved their team since last seasons. There is also a resurgent Manchester United who surprisingly found themselves back at the top of table until they were knocked off by neighbours City. 


Once again, we can see a situation in which Liverpool is not quite the favourite, but surely remains fans' first pick of a team. Liverpool will find a way to overcome current challenges – it always has. 

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