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Why Brands Worldwide are Eager to Sponsor Soccer Clubs

Soccer remains year after year, the most popular sport worldwide. To the spectators, soccer is a sport that embodies youth, health, fitness, success and popularity; all attributes attractive to brand marketers.


Finland is one of the few countries in the world where soccer is not the most popular sport. That’s not to say it’s not popular; it just can’t claim the top spot, held by ice hockey. This is understandable due to the climate and traditions. 


The 1995 victory over Sweden ensured that ice hockey would keep the top spot in the Finnish people’s hearts for some time.


The Football Association of Finland (SPL) has more than one thousand member clubs. It is the largest amateur sports association in the country. There are also many pro clubs that participate in the UEFA Champions League.


Unsurprisingly for the climate, indoor games are also popular in Finland. 


Brand Building


You will find many definitions of this, but essentially, it includes all things that consumers know, feel, and experience about your business. It’s important that your customers understand what you stand for and can identify with your values.


The most successful brands appeal to your emotions, which is how they can stand out from the competition. Branding is the most powerful marketing tool in the world. It’s no surprise that the world’s biggest, most successful brands are associated with the most popular sport in the world. This association can be one of the quickest ways to build a new brand, making opportunities for sponsorship deals very attractive and often fiercely contested.

For example, Coca-Cola and Red Bull are globally recognised brands that are synonymous with soccer. However, there are countless other brands that are also recognised when a game is one and we often use these in our daily lives. CampoBet and 22bet are well known gambling sites that sponsor teams and are household names for Fins with the ilmaiskierroksia ilman talletusta, captivating no deposit bonuses to players. 


Maximum Reach Through Sponsorship


Soccer’s popularity transcends the normal boundaries of geography, culture, language, gender, wealth, and religion, making it the perfect target for sponsorship deals, as corporate marketers look for maximum reach for their soccer team sponsorship spend.


According to the expert Auli Wälkky, stadiums used for live matches often hold around 90k spectators, though numbers may be reduced now due to Covid-19. Even when live attendance is down, stadium capacity and ticket sales indicate the size of the target market. 

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