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Transfer Rumours: Is Mo Salah On His Way Out?

There's one thing to get straight: Mo Salah isn't going to go anywhere before the end of the season. Mo Salah is like Liverpool's very own royalty, and it looks like they will stop at nothing to secure a deal. Whilst talks are still underway about Salah's future – and whether he will stay in Liverpool – it isn't affecting his performance on the pitch. 


In fact, it's as though Salah is performing better than ever before, scoring some incredible goals over the last three games - not that Jürgen Klopp needs reminding how good he is. Let's explore what Mo Salah transfer rumours are flying and why.


His Promising Start To The Season


There's a reason why most people will agree Mo Salah is one of the best football players to grace the English Premier League and perhaps the world. His talents are world-class, his speed is phenomenal, and his ability to pick a spot at the back of the net is unparalleled. You can argue there isn't a better player in the Premier League right now – and, beyond the British shores, there might not be a better player in the world right now.


His highlight of the season so far has to be his performance against Manchester United, where he managed to break three records, becoming the highest scoring African in Premier League history, the first player to score in ten consecutive games in the red of Liverpool, and the first opposition player to bag a three goals at Old Trafford. Passionate fans who have LFC tickets as well as those at home need no particular reason to keep singing Mo Salah’s beloved song, but that performance in the team’s 5-0 victory will live long in the memory.


Why The Rumours?


Why would Liverpool let there be any type of transfer rumour about their star player? Well, it all comes down to money, as it does with most footballers, with rumours flying that Salah could be about to secure a £400,000 a week deal with Liverpool on a multi-year contract.


Liverpool have three options. They can agree to his demands; or they can sell him in 2022 for an eye-watering price; or lose him for nothing at the end of 2023 when his contract is up. We think we know which one the Reds’ faithful will choose.  What will happen at the end of 2022 is very much up in the air, but experts predict he will sign a new contract with a new salary until at least 2025. If so, it could mean that Liverpool has years of being the top runner for being Premier League winners.


It's not so easy, though, as Liverpool have a relatively strict wage structure at the club. Agreeing to a £400k-per-week contract with Salah would put him very, very clear of other key figures at the club like Virgil Van Dijk and Alisson Bekker. Will the club compromise the team’s harmony and their financial standing to keep hold of the ‘Egyptian King’?


Who Would Snap Him Up?


All sorts of rumours are flying about transfers this season, but one that has people talking is the potential of Real Madrid signing Mo Salah. According to insiders, Real Madrid has expressed interest – evening willing to offer Eden Hazard as part of the signing deal. PSG have also reported they have a three-step plan to secure Salah. It seems everyone wants a piece of the Salah pie, so will Liverpool step up and pay the price?


We're only nine games into the season, and it's evident that Mo Salah is making his mark on the pitch, as he does every year. He has an ability that many others never will. That's what makes him one of the most attractive players in the league for clubs waiting to snatch him up. Where do you think Salah will end up?

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