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The best football players making under £1 million per year

Football is classified as one of the most highly paid and popular sports in the world. Hence, football players enjoy stardom and high salaries. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a drop in the players’ income.


Yet the players are earning as if winning a £1 million Lotto x5 jackpot. Here’s the list of the best football players making under £1 million per year: 


Bukayo Saka (Arsenal)


An English football player, Bukayo Saka plays as a winger and left-back for Arsenal F.C. and the English national team. The Premier League club has signed a long term contract with Saka. An exceptionally hard-working player who has earned his respect in the academy is earning a decent salary of half a million pounds. Well, he is still a youngster, and he has a lot to achieve in his career. Even Saka would be hoping to grip the £1 million Lotto x5 jackpot that you all can now bet on. 


Callum Hudson-Odoi (Chelsea)


Callum Odoi is an English football player who has been playing in the Chelsea Academy since he was a schoolboy. But not only that, he has been scoring and regularly assisting throughout his young career. Although he’s still very young, he is an extremely skillful and talented attacking player. However, still very young, Callum Odoi has the potential to become one of the best football players in the upcoming years.


Having an annual salary under one million pounds, Hudson-Odoi is certainly among the top football players making under a million pound per year. £1 million Lotto x5 jackpot is what you need to win to get the lavish lifestyle of such talented football players. 


Dan Burn (Brighton & Hove Albion)


An impressive defender, Dan Burn is an English pro football player who plays for Brighton & Hove Albion in the Premier League. Though, he has struggled a bit during his initial days. Dan Burn made his debut for Darlington in the League in 2009, but after one year, he had joined Fulham. Since he moved to Wigan, he has been playing for Latics.


His regular on-field performance there caught the attention of Albion and got picked up by Brighton & Hove Albion for the Premier League. The talented defender is now receiving a salary under one million pounds a year. Therefore, £1 million Lotto x5 jackpot is the go-to for you to cut the chase and strike it rich. Well, you can still strike it rich if you can’t play football. 


Declan Rice (West Ham United)


An English pro football player, Declan Rice plays as a center-back or defensive midfielder for West Ham United F.C. in the Premier League. The tall, well-built, versatile player has been on a boost to the best of his game since he joined the club. Despite such talent, Declan Rice is currently earning an annual salary of £156,000, well below than £1 million Lotto x5 jackpot


Conor Townsend (West Brom)


Conor Townsend plays for West Bromwich in the Premier League and the England professional football team. The skillful defender made a debut for Hull City. Later in 2018, he signed a contract with West Brom club for £756,000. Surprisingly, the English professional defender is paid under one million pounds per year. On the other hand, Lottoland is offering you to grab a £1 million Lotto x5 jackpot. So strike it rich with Lottoland even if you are not a professional football player. 


John Fleck (Sheffield United)


A Scottish pro football player, John Fleck plays for Sheffield United in the Premier League. The talented midfielder began his football career with Rangers. In 2008, he was hyped as a future star by the media. Fleck is going to miss the play for six weeks amid a back injury. Considering the talent he got, his peak performance is yet to come—John Fleck’s annual salary well below our £1 million Lotto x5 jackpot, around £416,000.  


Oliver Norwood (Sheffield United)


Oliver Norwood (born on April 12, 1991) currently plays for Sheffield United as a midfielder. Norwood started his career by playing for Manchester United. Although born in England, Oliver has played for Northern Ireland throughout his national football career. Currently playing for Sheffield United, the top defender for his team earns £780,000 per year. 


Wrapping up!


You must have admired how many of the football players are highly paid. But their salaries are usually based on the skillset they provide to take their clubs at the top. You can now skip the training process and hard work by signing up for Lottoland’s £1 million Lotto x5 jackpot as one million pounds are up for grabs!

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