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Subtle Luxury – How to Live a Luxurious Life Without Showing Off

Some say, if people need to tell you that they're rich, they might not be that rich after all. Others say that there's a big difference between “old money” and “new money”. The core message of both assumptions is that confident people usually don't feel the urge to rub their wealth into other people's faces.


And it’s true that some of the wealthiest soccer players seem to live a decent life without escapades, airs, and graces.

They prefer not to show off in a pushy way and live understatement. Understatement, in that context, means that you can indeed lead a luxurious life, but you choose subtle material possessions, not obtrusive ones.


How to Be Subtle About Wealth


A classic Rolex is a good example of a subtle luxury item. Instead of wearing a watch that's adorned with crystals, diamonds, or other gemstones, humble people often decide to wear watches that captivate people through their robustness and fine clockwork. Others will still recognize the Rolex for what it is: a classic masterpiece manufactured by one of the most decadent luxury brands around. But a Rolex never feels obtrusive or pretentious. At the same time, a Rolex luxury watch has a high intrinsic value. It is therefore not just a luxury good, but also a great store of value – hence a good investment.


The Choice of Car


Wealthy people like to spend their money on things that make life not just easier, but also more fun. Watches are just one example out of many. But the same concept goes for cars. Sports cars are often considered to be for those who like to brag. Of course, there's nothing wrong with purchasing your dream car, but if you prefer to seem humble, cruising around in your Lambo may not be the most suitable choice.


A nice SUV or even a decent hardtop can be fun, too. At first glance, those types of cars don't attract the attention of others, which makes them less obtrusive. But while most people get them in the standard version, you could get the full range of technical finesse and luxury equipment: leather seats, a lot of horsepowers, the strongest engine, high-end rims, window tint, and other nice gadgetry.


Cars of Liverpool Players


You can witness the subtle luxury when it comes to your favourite current or former Liverpool players, too. In 2020, most of them drove high-end cars, which didn't scream for attention. Daniel Sturridge chose a Rolls-Royce, while Nathaniel Clyne had a Bentley. Philippe Coutinho decided on a V8 Vantage Aston Martin. Many others went for German brands like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. Lorius Karius drove a Mercedes G-Class, the big and boxy SUV. Of course, all of them spent a lot of money on their vehicles. But still, the cars seem a lot less obtrusive as limited-edition sports cards would.


Choice of Clothes


Clothes and accessories are other popular categories. As there are many exclusive designer brands out there, one has the choice, though, on whether to brag or not. Gold teeth and bold logo prints are for those who need to show their fancy lifestyle to convince others that they’ve made it.


“Luxury Is a State of Mind”


This quote by Lwren Scott says it all: True luxury doesn't have a lot to do with bragging and rubbing your wealth in other people’s faces. Instead, luxury is a way of living a lifestyle, which is better than most others. Luxury includes the things that aren't necessary in life – like travelling, expensive cars, huge mansions, or fine clothing.


Depending on your state of mind, you can enjoy luxury without letting the whole world know how expensive your belongings were. It is very decadent to be part of the small circle of wealthy people – they'll see and know that you belong to them because you don't need to tell everyone.

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