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Some thoughts on Liverpool 2 Man City 1 by Paul Natton

1. Get in!!!


2. That was boss. How composed do we look these days? Even in big moments against top sides, we don't really panic and just play our game. 


3. City looked poor, Aguero and Silva aside. Tactically they're not in our league and I can see Pellegrini losing his job because of it this summer. Their 442 is a flat track bully's formation that leaves them light in the middle against the best opponents and today was no exception. 


4. The formation wasn't the only reason they lost the midfield battle though: the skipper and especially Joe Allen dominated. In fact Allen had his best game for us today - and not just with his work rate either. His positioning, passing and interceptions were all brilliant. 


5. The captain was almost as good too. That strike was phenomenal but all other aspects of his game were top class too. Unless a mate's tongue in cheek wish for Suarez as captain next season comes true, look no further than Henderson as Stevie's permanent replacement. He's right in the ref's ear all game too and we need that. 


6. Adam Lallana's feet are unbelievable. Look at his disallowed goal for evidence. Look too at the consistency of his first touch and the clever switch of feet also. I keep reading about how he's not Liverpool quality from some, but they clearly don't go to the game because he's routinely lauded at Anfield. All he's lacked this season is a long run of games and the goals that would bring. He's class though. No doubt. 


7. Coutinho is approaching world class now he's starting to score great goals. Thank goodness we got that deal signed. 


8. Speaking of which, with end product like today's, Sterling needs to focus more on his game and less on his contract because he was poor in that regard. That said, watching Vincent Kompany bounce off him when they went shoulder to shoulder was hilarious. 


9. Despite Mignolet's brace of hesitant wobbles and the early pressure the back line faced in the first twenty minutes, we defended really well against a dangerous forward line. In fact I thought Lovren had his best game for us. Admittedly that's not hard considering the lows he's plummeted to this season, but I was pleased for him. 


10. All of this after Thursday night's exertions and with no sight of Stevie either has left me wondering how far we can go this season now we've ditched the Thursday nights. Top four is crucial but only Chelsea look out of sight after today. Also, a trophy is really needed under Brendan too. Is the FA Cup and second too much to hope for? Nope. Admittedly it's not likely, but the way we play in the second half of seasons, would you bet against it?


11. Roll on Wednesday when we need more of the same. Come on you Reds!!!



Paul Natton


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