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"Why all the cynicism?-Let's look at the positives!" by Owen Morris

The way a lot of people have been talking on social media, you wouldn't have ever imagined we won our first game of the season with our little magician scoring an absolute belter in the dying minutes before maintaining that 100% record whilst leaking no goals in our second fixture. It feels ever since the end of the last season fans have looked at the doom and gloom of Anfield; which was fair enough to a certain extent, but has the LFC fan base gone too far?


Now, of course I can't speak for literally every supporter out there, just the general tone of what I see in the 'twittersphere'. People just love to moan nowadays, about everything, from Rodgers, to Lovren, to Benteke, to our performances. First off I'll start with the manager. Support him. I'm not a Rodgers apologist, in fact if you look at one of my shorter pieces right after the season I said he should get the axe, but he didn't. He's here and he now has full responsibility in his last chance saloon.


For the sake of the club's success, support him, if he does well, the club does well. The changes he has made to his staff, along with the squad are smart to me, and bode well for us this season. If he doesn't, and gets the sack, then hey, you were right. Go and buy yourself a gold medal.


It feels some people would rather the team lose to have their judgement vindicated, with Rodgers and similarly Dejan Lovren. Again, I agree Lovren had a horrid debut season, but if the manager has him at first choice ahead of Sakho then so be it. Certainly it baffles me and I feel bad for the Frenchman, but If Lovren can put in that performance vs. Stoke in on a weekly basis then there really isn't much for people to moan about. 


Benteke has looked good in his first two games; especially Bournemouth. It wasn't just his goal, but more of his all round play. He proved he can hold the ball up, is good with his feet and is not worried about running in behind defenders. Do I think £32.5mil is a hell of a lot? Absolutely, but at the end of the day if he bags 20 league goals and is the difference between a draw and a win in some games then no one can say it is a waste of money.


Our performances haven't been great so far, but does that matter two games into the season? Ask Mourinho, Wenger, Pochettino or Koeman if they would have preferred 6/6 points. I think we'd all known the answer. When we finished 2nd we didn't start to play our best football until we hammered Spurs 5-0. These players and staff need to gel. It will happen quicker than last season as most of them know each other having faced the other in previous seasons. I'm sure the football will come.


I really don't want to come over as kicking off, but it frustrates me how every single little thing is scrutinised so early on. The support on Monday was dead too, we had Bournemouth fans out singing us for pretty much 90 minutes. Is that right? The famous Anfield support? And no, 'Wools' and 'Foreigners' are not solely to blame. It's everyone in the stadium.


So please, for those who aren't doing so, back the team, back the manager, have faith we're going to do relatively well. If we don't have faith, then what's left for us as football fans?


And hey, if it does go t!ts up, we can all have a good moan when it does!


Owen Morris


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