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Premier League Winner Betting Odds - October Update

The English Premier League is already seven matches into its 2021-2022, and some of the results thus far have been a little surprising.


While Manchester City, the defending champion, was heavily favoured coming into the season, they do not find themselves at the top of the table as of yet. It's still early in the season, of course, but there is at least a little bit of movement that some people might not have expected.


The online betting action has been hot to begin the season, and it's not likely to back down as the Premier League continues marching on to the end of the year. 


Let's take a look at where things stand now in the Premier League, and what the updated betting odds are to win the league as of early October.


Premier League Standings


Through the first seven matches of the season, Chelsea find themselves at the top of the standings. The club has earned 16 points thus far, with five wins, one draw and one loss. The club's only loss came to Manchester City, who have won three of the last four Premier League titles.


Despite that big win over Chelsea, though, Manchester City find themselves tied for third place in the standings with 14 points. 


In second place is Liverpool with 15 points. The club hasn't lost yet this season, with four outright wins and three draws. Liverpool fought to a 1-1 draw against Chelsea in late August and a 2-2 draw with Manchester City on October 3.


Along with Manchester City, there are three other clubs that have 14 points in the first seven matches of the Premier League. Those clubs are Manchester United, Everton and Brighton.


City has four wins, two draws and one loss -- a rather surprising one to start the season against Tottenham, who themselves have 12 points.


United, Everton and Brighton all have identical records of four wins, two draws and one loss. United dropped a match to Aston Villa on September 25. Everton lost to that same Aston Villa on September 18, and Brighton lost to Everton on August 28.


Surprisingly, that Aston Villa club that defeated both Manchester United and Everton finds itself tied for 10th place in the early season standings. While they have three wins and one draw, they also have three losses to their record -- to Tottenham, Chelsea and lowly Watford. 


In fact, that Watford victory was one of only two that club has so far this season, as it has only seven points in the early going.


Rounding out the top 11 teams in the Premier League standings as of October 5 are Brentford and Tottenham with 12 points each, West Ham with 11 points, and Aston Villa and Arsenal with 10 points each.

With the standings as tight as they are in the early going, it's shaping up to be a truly great Premier League season.


Updated Betting Odds to Win the Premier League


Despite not being in first place in the standings, there has been no change to the betting favourite to win the Premier League from the start of the season. The overwhelming betting favourite is still Manchester City, which has odds of 5/6.


That's not a huge surprise, of course, seeing as City is the defending champion and have won three of the last four Premier League titles. While they aren't in first place in the standings, it's not like they are too far behind.


Their 14 points through the first seven games is only two fewer points than Chelsea. Depending on the outcome of the next set of matches, City could actually find themselves back in first place.


Chelsea's early-season success has seen it shorten its betting odds to 9/4 to win the Premier League. Even though they lost to Manchester City already this season, Chelsea is still poised to be a strong contender all the way until the end.


Third-place Liverpool has updated odds of 9/2 to win the Premier League as of early October. The club is looking to win the league for the 20th time this year, which if they did it would tie a record for England's top league.


The club is off to a great start. Even though they find themselves one point behind Chelsea in the standings, they have yet to lose a match.


Fourth-place Manchester United, which received a lot of the praise in the offseason with the return of Cristiana Ronaldo, finds itself in fourth place in the standings and with the fourth-shortest odds to win the Premier League.


Their updated odds to win the league are 12/1. That puts them at a pretty big gap between the top three clubs in the Premier League. Still, they are well within actual reach of the title early in the season, as they're only two points back of league-leading Chelsea (14 to 16). 

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