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Premier League and Champions League: Liverpool

Currently, the most talked about topics among the sports fans are Premier and Champions League. The main topic is of course who qualified and how will they perform afterward. In order to qualify for the Champions League, a team needs to do well in their domestic League.


To be specific, the top 4 teams from Germany, Spain, Italy, and England automatically qualify. Here we will focus mainly on Liverpool, and give some speculations on how they will do in the upcoming competition. 


Did Liverpool Qualify? 


For a while it looked like they wouldn't, but ever since Liverpool triumphed against Manchester United (4:2) the talk about Champions League began to heat up. They also won against West Brom (with an Alisson Becker header in stoppage time!) and Burnley to finish among the top 4 teams from England , along with Manchester City, Chelsea, and Manchester United. Having overcome the odds to reach the Champions League, a great deal of bookmakers actually think that Liverpool has a decent chance to win it this year, which is a great sign for all of the Red fans.


Should You Bet on Liverpool This Time Around


Now we can talk about the successes and how bookmakers feel about any team, but does all of this mean that you should bet on Liverpool? Well if we talk about the odds then Manchester City tends to have the upper hand. However, this only means that you can stand to gain a lot more if Liverpool wins. Perhaps you should wager on Liverpool using bonus funds from multiple operators. You can find a $5 deposit casino operators that allow you to make a small payment in order to claim the welcome offer. This way, if you don’t win anything you only use the bonus funds that were available to you. Moreover, you can play some of the casino games that are available there while you wait for the matches to conclude or start. 


Predictions for Premier League


Right now the team that’s most likely to win based on their match history is Manchester City. Yet even with this track record, they might not have what it takes to end up at the top. Statistically speaking there is a 55% chance that Manchester City will defend the title and according to our experts, chances for Liverpool are around 18%. The way things stand Chelsea has a better chance with 31% and they also gave Manchester United an 8% chance to take the trophy home. However, when it comes to the Champions League the situation is different as Paris Saint-Germain seems to be the favourite this time around. 


Predictions for Champions League


As mentioned, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City are at the top, but Liverpool actually ranks 5th on the list of favourites, right behind Chelsea. Meaning, if they are almost just as likely to win this one as the Premier League since they are already competing with the top-performing teams. The only additional threat is  Bayern Munich, as Barcelona and Real-Madrid are not even in the top 5 this time around. 




We all hope that Liverpool can regain both the Champions League and Premier League titles they won in recent years, but time will tell. One thing we can be sure of is that both will be entertaining and exciting competitions given how unpredictable the outcomes are on ay given week. Given how Liverpool is the underdog they are the ones who need to turn this thing around and provide everyone with a spectacular show. Hopefully, we will get to see the Reds still in the thick of it when May rolls around. 

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