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Pre-Season Shorts - Bayern 0 Liverpool 3

1) That front three, with Coutinho and Lallana supporting, are going to tear a lot of teams apart this season. I could see there being games where we score six, seven or even eight against some unsuspecting fools. We’ll score a ton of goals this year, but the problem is those games when it’s not wide open and we end up being left frustrated. Once we solve that, we're laughing.
2) How good was Mané though? Bloody hell, he scared that Bayern defence to death, they just couldn’t get near him and one or two tackles on him were a bit naughty, especially from that Rafinha bum. This was our first glimpse of Mané and Salah in the line up together, and it looked pretty damn tasty didn’t it?  
3) Firmino is the perfect foil for them because of the way he drops off and creates space for them to run in behind. He also works so hard for the team (see his role in the first goal) and it’s easy to see why Klopp wants him as his number nine. We could have a 30 goal a season penalty box player there, but the two wide lads wouldn’t be anywhere near as effective.
4) Alberto Moreno was great in this game. I’m not suggesting that means anything, just stating that he had a great game. Good for him. Not sure I’m buying Klopp saying afterwards that “he has a future if he plays like that”, but credit where it’s due, he was terrific. 
5) Ryan Kent loves a stepover doesn’t he? Did he grow up wanting to be Mark Walters? He takes corners with either foot too, something else I seem to remember about Walters. Poor Rafinha must have been thinking his troubles were over once Mané went off, then Kent put him on his arse with a bit of magic. Shame that goal was disallowed, it would have helped further cement my boy Grujic’s place as the greatest pre-season player in club history. 
6) Scoring a great goal and getting injured at the exact same moment. We’ve just reached ‘Peak Sturridge’, ladies and gents. 
7) When Vidal started getting a bit too aggressive as Lallana was lying on the floor, big bad Dom Solanke was right over there to sort him. Just stepped in front of him, put a contemptuous hand on his shoulder and casually shoved him away. I like this lad more and more with each game. Hopefully he starts tomorrow and we can see what he can do against the defensive masters, Atletico.
8) Trent Alexander-Arnold was fantastic. He didn’t give Ribery a look in and wasn’t the least bit intimidated by his reputation. Then again, when you’re facing Mané and Coutinho in training every day why would you be arsed about an over rated turd like Ribery?


Dave Usher


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