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Make the Most of Your Online Footie Betting

We all like to have a bet on the Premier League at the weekend, the Champions League midweek and anything that may happen to crop up in between. Right? But, what are the best ways to make sure that your betting isn’t willy-nilly, and is, instead, profitable?


Well, if you keep on reading, you may just find out that it’s not all about getting your money on James Milner providing an assist or Mo Salah bagging an important goal.


Know The Sport Inside Out


When having a flutter on Liverpool, or other Premier League games, you simply must know everything there is to know about the sides your backing with your money. The more you know, the more you’ll earn. Simple.


Broaden your knowledge, whether that’s to the whole Premier League, rather than just Liverpool, or, even further down to the Championship. If you’re looking to place bets on individuals for occurrences such as goal-scorer, assists or card markets, make sure you know them inside out.


There are plenty of places to keep an eye out for these sorts of nuances and information. Twitter is a gold-mine of accounts that can offer you a plethora of not only Liverpool based stats and information, but, also on other teams. Opta and WhoScored are two fantastic examples of social channels which regularly tweet out great statistical news and features as well as occasional stats-based tweets.


Don’t Limit Your Markets


Don’t use the ease of betting on the outright win market as a kop out. Sometimes the lesser known, lesser bet on markets offer the best value. Why? Because they’re often tucked away, as they’re odds the bookmakers have to offer, but, doesn’t want to promote.


Instead of focusing all of your attention on the outright winner or HT/FT markets – why not look deeper? The under/over market often represents good value, or, maybe you like the look of going rogue and putting some money on the number of corners? Why would you do these outlandish bets though? Not on a whim, no, but because of your research and knowledge on the games you’re betting on.


The more serious you are about being profitable with your betting, the more you’ll notice just how much of it relies on your knowledge of the sport as a whole, not just our side, or our fixtures.


Timing Is Everything 


Much like looking for the better odds and markets available to you, which offer better value, timing can also be paramount. Especially, when betting on football. But, how can timing be your biggest ally? If you know a side often comes from behind to rescue points, you could get some great odds. Or, if you’re watching the game live and betting in-play you may be able to get a feel for where the next goal, corner, card or assist is coming from – and you better believe you’ll get better odds than if you’d had a flutter pre-match!


As well as this, most bookmakers will offer you enhanced in-play prices, along with enhanced odds and special offers pre-match. So, it is most certainly worth waiting for the right opportunity to place your bet.


Utilise Multiple Bookies 


Much in line with timing, is, where you place your bets. It is well worth noting that you CAN use the services of more than one bookmaker to place your bets.


What this means is that you can take your pick of one, or more, bookies competitively placed sign-up bonuses. So, when you’re going through the process of looking at what bookies you want to place your bets with – make sure you take note of those bonuses and what the stipulations are to claim them.


One other handy note while you’re in the process of choosing which bookmaker to bet with is that there is a wide range of reviews which you can skim through on the internet. Want to be with ‘a’ bookmaker? Then have a quick Google of their football markets, or take a look on one of the review sites available online. Some of them, just like online-betting-offers.co.uk, not only offer comprehensive betting site reviews but provide a selection of betting offers, both sign up and ongoing, from the top bookies. Again, the more you know, the better.


Make The Most Of Current Promos 


Yes, you’ll want to get the best possible special promotions if you’re having a flutter on an upcoming Liverpool game, or other English League game. Again, it is a case of finding what works best you’re your betting.


Do you tend to be biased and stick Liverpool in your acca regardless of the fixture? Then you should look at bookmakers that offers a great acca Insurance, or, why not make the most of William Hill’s ‘Bet Boost’ on accas with three or more legs? Paddy Power’s ‘2-Up’ promotion is a great example of an ongoing football promotion, where the Irish outfit pay out on the win as soon as your side go two-nil up.


Or if you’re in it for the long run, why not make the most of Coral and Betway’s ongoing loyalty schemes. Okay, they won’t benefit you there and then with your punt on the footie that day, but, they could land you free bets and more. For doing what though? Betting with them!


Don’t Let The Red Tinted Glasses Haunt You 


We all love Mo and the boys, and we all think we’ll run away with every game, especially this season. But, it is so important not to bet with those red-tinted Klopp-inspired glasses on. It is easy to think you know best when it comes to all things Liverpool, but, there is a reason the big-time bettors don’t include their team (regardless of sport!).


It is a fine line between knowing the sport and betting with your emotions. Especially when it comes to big fixtures, you always want to lump on that Liverpool will win 5-0. Sure, there is definitely the firepower to do it – but is it going to happen every weekend? No…unfortunately!


Even more so with football, you have to bet purely with your head and what you know – rather than your feelings and hopes of what might happen. Otherwise, we’d all just be lumping on us to win every fixture and cup competition…right?


Bet clever, bet with your head, and you’ll be betting better!




Betting on football would be much easier if you didn’t enjoy football and have feelings for and against teams. They cloud judgement, so it is so important to be able to put that to the side and bet with a level head.


As well as this, the best way to then optimise your betting on the beautiful game is by picking and choosing your desired bookmakers with the help of the above advice; seek promos, odds and sign-up bonuses that suit you and the bets you place.


If you stick to these guidelines as well as the boys are sticking to Klopp’s game plans…there could be plenty of glory and profit all round!

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