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Liverpool's first transfer is the 19-year-old Portuguese Fabio Carvalho. What do we know about him?

Back in early April, Liverpool agreed on the transfer of 19-year-old Fulham star Fabio Carvalho. The deal was officially confirmed just before the Champions League final. Insider Fabrizio Romano reports that the sides have agreed on £5 million and £2.7 million in possible bonuses. Fulham will receive 20% of the future sale of the player.


Let's take a brief look at a young soccer player's recent successes, because in today's world there is no such thing as "too little information," especially if you're into football wagers.


The first news of Jurgen Klopp's serious interest in the midfielder came at the end of last year. In January the clubs almost agreed, Fabio even underwent a medical check-up, but it was not possible to formalise the documents in time, so the transfer was postponed. Klopp has no plans to keep the boy on loan: a five-year contract and straight into the main squad.


The deal was profitable for both sides: Liverpool gets the brightest player in the Championship, while Fulham gets money for a player whose contract expires in the summer. Top clubs like Man Utd and Real Madrid competed for Fabio, but the Merseysiders were ahead of all of them.


The interest is understandable: the 19-year-old Carvalho is a classy player and has scored 11 goals (while adding 7 assists) in 36 games. When Fabio was asked about a move to Liverpool, even before the official announcement of the transfer he got shy and blushed a little - even making his teammate Aleksandar Mitrovic laugh. It seems they both knew something already at the time.


Carvalho's rise at Fulham has been swift: in 2020, when he turned 18, he was already a part of Fulham's main squad for the League Cup, and in May 2021 he played in the PL for the first time. Just two weeks later, the lad scored his league debut goal against Southampton.


"Carvalho's performance doesn't surprise me. He's in the team because we're looking for someone to score goals and crash the nets," coach Scott Parker praised the kid. - "He gets on the field to make the magic happen. Fabio is doing well, and we're very happy for him. He's scoring goals at the adult level, he doesn't need any adjustment time at all. From this day forward, he is a ray of light at Fulham."


In July, Parker, who couldn't keep the club in the PL, was replaced by Portuguese Marco Silva - and the compatriots quickly found common ground. Marco said he immediately hit it off with the frisky kid, and after his first training session he realized he wanted the youngster at the center of the project. It changed Fabio and his attitude toward his team - after the relegation he was ready to leave for the Portuguese championship, just not to play in England.


"We wanted to give up the contract with Fulham and ask for a transfer back in the summer," the player's father recalled. - "We were worried about that, because we are grateful to the club for our son's career. But then Silva appeared and changed everything. He talked to Fabio and promised him a place in the starting lineup. Marco fascinated us and told us he was going to make my son a real star.


Silva was not lying - Carvalho had been in the starting lineup since the start of the season and had not dropped out of it even after he broke down for a month. In the first round of the championship the Portuguese scored only 4 +1 . But since January he has hardly left the field and even scored against Man City in the Cup at the Etihad, although his team lost 1:4.

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