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Liverpool FC’s Top 5 Most Under-Rated Players of All Time

Liverpool has a proud and illustrious history in the pitch, winning trophies with the club and showing off their skills to thousands of adoring fans. Picking the best out of the bunch is always a struggle as there is so much talent, and we are convinced, there is also so much more to come. Liverpool players show immense talent, heart, and consistency.


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Here are the top 5 most under-rated legends of all time to have represented the mighty Reds.  


John Aldridge 


John Aldridge is a predatory striker from the late 1980s and he is the first player to kick off the list. He spent two-and-a-half years at the club, and he was recently announced as one of the best goalscorers in Liverpool’s history. 


He is known for wearing the No. 8 shirt on his back. Aldridge hit 63 goals in 104 games, and he was a major contributor to winning the 1987-88 league championship and the FA Cup the following season. He scored in the final at Wembley only a year later he missed a penalty on that same stage. John Aldridge left Liverpool for Real Sociedad in late 1989. 


Jack Balmer 


Jack Balmer was one of Liverpool’s early greats from the post-war era. He hit over 100 goals for Liverpool, despite losing parts of his career during the time of the way. Balmer helped Liverpool win the First Division league title in 46-47. 


One of his records comes from scoring hat-tricks in three consecutive matches during that campaign. Balmer became captain of the Reds until ’49 and played at the club until ’52. He left the club with 111 scored goals in 312 games. 


Ian Callaghan 


Callaghan is one of the most legendary figures of all time and he is the first-team player with the most appearances for the club, having played in 857 games. He spent almost two decades with the Reds, transforming from a young apprentice to then playing for the reserve team. He won five league titles, two FA Cups, two UEFA Cups, and two European Cups in the period from 1960 to 1978. 


He was also part of England’s successful 1966 World Cup-winning squad and he was awarded an MBE too. He scored 68 goals in his time at the club. 


Jimmy Case 


Jimmy Case made the breakthrough to the Reds in 1975 and he represented his side with distinction for 269 games, scoring 46 times. He played as a midfielder for Liverpool and was a great all-rounder player with a fearless approach with a defensive, technical, and aggressive ability to attack.  He went on to win no less than three European Cups with the Reds. Case left Liverpool as a local hero in 1981. 


Dietmar Hamann 


Former central midfielder, Dietmar Hamann played 283 games for the Reds in his seven-year stay at Anfield. He also played a big role in the victorious 2005 Champions League. He acted as a protector to the Liverpool defence, and he was a consistent performer throughout. 


The former Germany international provided the base for more attack-minded members to join the Reds, knowing that they have great cover behind them at every moment during the game. 


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