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Is Liverpool the best Premier League Team in History?

The Premier League is widely regarded as the best football league in the world after English teams have dominated the Champions League and Europa League in recent years.


For a while, Manchester City was the team to beat, but Liverpool has just set the bar much higher. They dominate the top division with an iron fist, and halfway through the season they have virtually secured the title. Top bookmakers listed at the holymoly casinos UK website have them almost locked as winners. With the trophy secured, the only question left to be answered is whether Liverpool is the best Premier League team in history.


A Story of Rags to Riches


It is almost ironic that a team that has never won the Premier League is quite likely the best team to have ever played in the English top-flight. To win their first trophy in such an emphatic manner can seem almost as surprising as Leicester’s shocking title run two years ago. For anyone who has paid attention to Liverpool’s surge under Klopp, this imminent victory was inevitable, rather than unexpected.


The Reds were amazing last season when they lost a single match in the strongest football league in the world. Finishing second behind Manchester City was heartbreaking, especially with the reigning champions prevailing by the odd point. Liverpool was the only undefeated home team, but a couple of sloppy away games have cost them their Premier League first title. Lessons were learned, and in 2020 they will claim what is rightfully theirs and likely extend their dominance in the years to come.


Hard Work and Discipline Wins Trophies


The reason why Liverpool is quite likely the best Premier League team of all time is the mix of hard work and discipline bought by Klopp. The German manager has turned this talented team into an unstoppable football machine, but the players have their undeniable merit. Salah, Mane, and Firmino make an incredible attacking trident, immensely gifted but also diligent and 100% committed. Never before did Liverpool have such a fantastic offensive lineup and so many worthy alternatives upfront.


Strikers can win games single-handedly, but such a long invincible run can only be maintained with a flawless backline. Robertson and Alexander-Arnold are the best fullbacks in the world, capable of stopping even the most talented strikers in their tracks, while making unprecedented contributions at the other end. Van Dijk is head and shoulders above any other centre-half in English or European football and a deadly player in front of the net.


On those rare occasions when they get outplayed, Allison is more than capable of protecting the goal.


Klopp has also transformed the midfield, which was traditionally Liverpool’s weakest link. Fabinho, Henderson, Milner, and Wijnaldum are a force to be reckoned with, and Keita grew a lot in 2019. The Premier League is an incredibly competitive championship, and English teams also have plenty of domestic and international cup games. Luckily for Liverpool, the team has plenty of depth, with a bench and reserve squad overflowing with talented players that can always substitute the starting formation.


Liverpool vs. Manchester United 90’s Team


Football pundits frequently say that form is temporary, while class is permanent, and trophies weigh the happiest in the balance. In the 1990s, Manchester United won five league titles, including a dominant performance in the 1993/94 season when they amassed 92 points.


On the other hand, they competed against 22 teams, and that record will most likely be broken by Liverpool this year. This is not a fluke either, as last season they won 97 points and still came in second behind Manchester City.


Sir Alex Ferguson has the merit of creating several exceptional Manchester United teams. Meanwhile, Jurgen Klopp took command of a group of gifted players and helped them make the most of their talent, while also adding to it with shrewd recruitment.


This is likely only the beginning of a memorable story, full of domestic and international trophies that will confirm Liverpool status as the best Premier League team ever.

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