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Independent vs Regulated Gambling Operators: Where to Gamble Better?

Since its establishment in the 17th century, Gambling enterprises have grown and evolved along with the ever-changing demands of players. Within this period, casinos have been divided into two major forms — the regulated gambling and the independent ones.


The local regulated gambling houses are regulated by the local license institutions like the UK Gambling Commission. It certainly has its pros and cons. The independent gambling arenas, on the other hand, were designed to evade rules and regulations set by the commission.


If you want to or have signed up for self-exclusion, getting a UK-regulated casino you can play in is going to be hard to find. There are also independent online platforms that are a good alternative for players who don't want any issues that relate to GamStop or local regulations.


This available option to the uptight UK-regulated casinos has paved the way for unlimited enjoyment for customers. They function with offshore licenses and provide similar game types from leading casino platforms. However, these gambling powerhouses abide by the code and ethics of Responsible Gambling including its policies.


Down to the big question: which of them is the best place to gamble?


Independent Gambling Operators


There are a number of benefits a player gets to enjoy over the regulated ones. Even though independent casino operators sound like they are against the law, they really aren't as they are regulated by the Independent Betting Adjudication Service. Any dispute between the betting sites and their customers is resolved by them.


Here are some aspects of Independent Gambling that would interest you.


Safe Credit Card Payments: In independent casinos, payments can be done quickly and safely using credit cards. Especially for Brittons considering the ban on credit cards in the UK.


You Can Gamble Incognito: Most times, gamblers love to keep a low gambling profile. This is, however, impossible with regulated casinos considering the strict rules guiding them. But with independent casinos, these can easily be achieved and you don't need to get ID verification done by sending your ID or passport neither do you have to wait endlessly for it to happen.


Register and Play: This is one major advantage of independent casinos. If you're ready to play, just register and get started without going through the tiresome ID verification process.


Regulated Gambling Operators


Before you get all excited about independent operators, you should consider these areas of regulated gambling too.




They are GamStop sites:


They offer you the self-exclusion scheme. This means you and gambling organizations responsible would keep a check on how much you indulge in gambling. No independent casino can be responsible for that. If you register for self-exclusion, they ensure you get all the help you need.


Complaints Are Easily Resolved:


When there are cases of disputes or complaints against independent operators, the IBAS can easily sort it out even if it's going to take a long time. But local operators would solve any issues locally and on time.




Apart from its strictness, local gambling licenses provide more assurance and safety to customer safety compared to independent bookies. The decision on where you should gamble is entirely up to you. This article is simply about pointing out valid points to help you make the right decision that suits you. Both options offer several casino games to choose from.

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