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How Liverpool Are Looking Going Into The 22/23 Season

After losing to Manchester City in the Premier League last season, and narrowly missing out on the Champions League, Liverpool isn’t starting off on the best foot. But they did manage to bring home the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup, showing that Jurgen Klopp is doing most things right.


If they’re your team of choice and you want to get your sports bets on early, you’re probably wondering how things are looking going into the new season. Midnite Betting is a great online sportsbook that you can utilise when placing your bets too, hopefully giving you the best shot at winning big. So, if you’re looking to find out more about Liverpool in the upcoming season, keep reading… 


Transfers And New Contracts


Every season there are rumours of all the transfers, but some of them have already been completed. For instance, Liverpool has just transferred Ben Davies to Rangers in a £4m deal and Neco Williams has joined Nottingham Forest for £16m. However, top defender Joe Gomez has agreed to remain with the team and is thought to have signed a 5-year deal.


Rumours of Mohamed Salah leaving have been circulated for a few months, but all of that has now been quashed with him signing a 3-year contract. He’s also the highest paid player that Liverpool has ever had, topping the other high earners with a staggering £350,000 a week. Hopefully, with this strong team including Gomez and Salah, we can hope to see further glory for Liverpool in the new season. 


Important Games


There are some games that will be more important than others in the new season, with Liverpool striving to win them all. The month where they will be tested the most is April as they face teams like Manchester City and Arsenal. With their recent losing game against Manchester City and the deep-rooted history between Liverpool and Arsenal,


it’s no wonder that these games are going to be nail-biters for fans. Arsenal has done pretty well for themselves last season, so if they play the same or better in the next, then their match against Liverpool will be crucial. Liverpool is playing a total of 38 games over the 10-month period, and a lot can change. All it takes is one game for the tables to completely turn and put them at the top or bottom of the league. 


Although there have been some tough times for Liverpool last season, they should be able to dust themselves off and fight back. With any luck, we’ll see them bring home another trophy and reclaim their victory. Whatever the outcome is this season, we can be sure that all the players did their utmost best to rise up to the challenges they faced. Liverpool FC is one team that won’t back down and will always strive to be at the top of their game. Here’s to the new season and Liverpool bringing home more trophies than ever before! 

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