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How Is AI Changing the Football World

Football is a sport that is about to be infused with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The development of AI has made rapid changes in technology and now, it is making remarkable waves in practically every sector. 


It has helped in the reduction of workloads for workers by making menial jobs automated. This, to a great extent, is shifting the workforce in almost every field, with football being among them. 


Here are various fields where present and upcoming AI technology will find application in football. 


Scouting and Recruitment


Although human beings are far-off from being evaluable with the use of quantitative, objective metrics, their performances can be subject to quantifiable scrutiny. Football, among other sports, is using players’ performance data to measure their potential. 


Nevertheless, the performance data that is used for scouting potential players does not mean using knowns stats such as passes, home runs, or goals, but utilizing complex metrics that consider multiple factors. 


While this is the case, the perceptual limitations associated with humans can hinder accurate recording and assessment of such metrics. This is where AI comes into play. With AI recording as well as measuring the indicators of possibly succeeding in future becomes not only easier but also reliable. 


Reason being, it can utilize historical data, which is well documented in football to predict the future capability of players before a club or country invests in them. AI can be used to estimate a players market values, enabling the making of right offers when acquiring them.


Maintaining Fitness and Safety


Artificial Intelligence is transforming the healthcare industry in various ways. The predictive capabilities of this technology can be applied in the realm of football, where overall health is of great importance. To make this possible clubs are making use of technological tools that continuously monitor the health and fitness of their players.


Often, they under physical tests that utilize AI to evaluate different health parameters. AI is playing a vital role in this in that it can detect signs of fatigue at an early stage as well as injuries that are induced by stress. 


The early diagnosis helps medical personally if various football organizations to maintain the fitness of their members as well as keep them safe from any form of injuries through timely intervention. 


Further to this, leading teams across the world use AI-powered wearable technology to track the movement of players and physical parameter. The aim of this is to track the overall health of every player. AI is used to analyze the data that these wearables collect, making it possible to identify symptoms indicative of a player developing health conditions like cardiovascular and musculoskeletal problems.


Streaming and Betting


Besides revolutionizing football for manager and players, AI can revolutionize live broadcasting and positively impact how fans experience the sport. AI may also change how broadcasters monetize various sporting events. 


Artificial Intelligence can be utilized to choose the perfect camera angle to display matches on viewers' screens. In addition to this, it can provide subtitles in multiple languages, which ensures players can watch live matches in their preferred language.


On the flip side, bookmakers are increasingly using AI to offer punters better experiences. Betiton, for example, uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to personalize a bettor’s offers, betting markets and customer service. It also uses technology to learn punters’ behaviors to improve their future experiences. 


Training and Performance Scrutiny


As stated, using general metrics like goals scored is not the most suitable way to assess players performances. To estimate performances in football, coaches and analysts need to analyze several sets of data about individual and collective performances. 


Doing so enables them to identify the various areas where a specific player excels and where he/she lags. While not all aspects of a players' performance are quantifiable, a growing part is becoming quantifiable, and thus, measurable.


Artificial Intelligence makes this possible in that through it, the correlation between quantitative variables and qualitative traits can be derived. After this is done, the variables are measured to predict the overall value of a player. Therefore, AI has changed the football world by making it easy to identify the performance of players and their weak areas. Coaches are then able to know the area to focus when during training sessions to improve their player's weakness while enhancing their strengths.


Strategic Decision Making 


Artificial Intelligence can help refine teams strategies and at the same time make pivotal decisions. By making use of AI tools, coaches and managers can analyze data such as the strengths and weaknesses of their players, and then develop tactics to use when making different decisions. 


Most importantly, AI takes out emotional quotient present during decision making which can limit the making of strategic decisions. This makes it possible to choose a team that is based on facts rather than on favouritism. clubs have been harnessing AI tools to understand their rivals better and come up with strategic plans for the team.


Providing Additional support to referees


Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and Goal Line Technology (GLT) were among the first technologies in football. They have further been sharpened using Artificial Intelligence and these enable them to be not only faster but also efficient. The two provide support to referees by enabling them to make the right decisions when matches are ongoing.


Advanced GLT that is powered by AI enables referred to know if the ball has crossed the goal line through the use of an embedded microchip. VAR powered by AI can improve the ability of the technology in making offside calls. One of the top beneficiaries of this is FIFA and according to it, AIs optical tracking ability is immense.


Artificial Intelligence In the End 


Whether AI is being used to protect player welfare or help determine the best set of players for a play in a game, AI is helping shape the world of football as we know it. The future may bring many more surprise on the horizon as the sport and the technology evolve together. 


Football is a fascinating game and as long as the fascination remains, businesses will always have chances to benefit from it. As long as there are profits to be gained from football, the incorporation of AI will continue, and this will definitely make the sport more thrilling.

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