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How Do Liverpool Stay at the Top of the League Table?

Liverpool manages to consistently stay at the top of the league tables, no matter what they are. They are usually to be found near the top of the Premier League, if not leading it, and it is not unusual to see them getting ahead in the Champion’s League too. Is there a secret to this? Let’s take a look.


The Best Players


Take a look at the latest Champion’s League betting odds and predictions and it won’t be unusual to find Liverpool leading the pack in some way. The team knows what it takes to continue delivering results, and they work hard to ensure that they are able to be at the top of their game.


This is incredibly impressive when you consider that a lot of the team is older, in terms of football. They are hardly geriatrics, but with other teams signing much younger talent, it is impressive that Liverpool is able to keep up and keep excelling.


It also no doubt helps that Liverpool has some incredible talent on their sides too. Of all of them, Mo Salah is quite the force to be reckoned with. He has been praised as being the best player in the world by many sources, and he has helped to guide the team to many a victory thus far. It won’t be difficult to see him doing the same again.


A Great Manager


A lot of praise also has to be sent to Jurgen Klopp. Even those who are not fans of Liverpool have to admit that he knows his stuff. His tactics and man-management skills have helped to transform the team and have made them into the world-class players that they are today.


His love of the beautiful game is evident, and it has made him into a popular figure in the world of UK football. Even his rivalry with Pep Guardiola, born in Germany and now moved to the Premier League is used as an exercise for him to better himself as a manager. Everything he does, he does for the betterment of Liverpool overall, and this makes him a great professional who is always searching for the next thing he can bring to his team.


The Fans


There is no doubt about it, Liverpool has one of the best fanbases in football. The players are able to perform so well because they know that they have the backing of the crowd. Though many of the teams in the Premier League have dedicated fanbases, none of them are nearly quite so passionate as that of Liverpool.


If you are looking for a community that cares about its footballers and supports them no matter where they might come from, you need only look as far as Liverpool. When the stands at Anfield fill up, you can be certain that they are going to support the boys on the pitch to the best of their ability. Whether they are celebrating a goal or even just egging on Klopp on the sidelines, the Liverpool fans are some of the liveliest out there.


Liverpool is built on three columns – the players, the fans, and the manager and staff. All three of these have to be stable to be able to deliver amazing results, and Anfield is definitely a place where you can see that happening. There is no denying that this is one of the best teams out there, and you only have to look a little closer to see just why. Hopefully, these three will continue to work in harmony for a long time to deliver more epic results for the club! 

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