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Grasping Borini's puzzling decision (ESPN article)

by Dave Usher for ESPN


Fabio Borini must really enjoy weekend shopping with the wife, as chances are he is going to have a lot of spare time on his hands over the coming months after pricing himself out of moves to QPR and Sunderland.


Between now and the reopening of the transfer window in January, the Italian striker's chances of playing first-team football appear to be slim and none. Unlike other fringe players at Anfield such as Suso and Lucas Leiva, however, Borini's situation is one entirely of his own choosing.


His motives for staying put aren't exactly clear, and his somewhat cryptic Twitter outburst on Tuesday has done little to clarify the situation.


Maybe he just wasn't prepared to give up his Liverpool dream without a fight and hopes to force his way into the team. As a footballer, you have to back your own ability, and I would imagine he sees himself as being a better option than, for example, Rickie Lambert, who is currently third in the front-line picking order. Furthermore, Borini knows Daniel Sturridge has had various injury problems and, let's face it, no one knows what could happen with Mario Balotelli from one moment to the next.


Read the full article here.

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