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Gerrard the Greatest?

written by Dave Usher for ESPN


There's not been much in the way of good news for Liverpool in recent weeks. Missing out on their most ambitious transfer target of the summer, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, was a bit of a blow, and much like Branislav Ivanovic the Reds also had to deal with Luis Suarez and his out of control mouth.


If he's not flashing his drawers at Real Madrid (somewhat understandable) he's humouring Arsenal and their derisory 'offer' by refusing to publicly rule out a move to another English club (not so understandable). And it can't just be me that's baffled as to how a player so upset about 'media intrusion' can give so many interviews in such a short space of time, especially when he's supposed to be on holiday with his family. Nevertheless, I still love the crazy, nutmegging, loon and I desperately hope he stays. He needs to just shut up now though, as every time he speaks it results in a flurry of depressing, scaremongering news articles. Maybe we could put a muzzle on him; that would solve a number of problems actually. 


So between one thing and another, good news has been in short supply of late, but Steven Gerrard signing a contract extension has at least provided a little ray of sunshine in amongst the storm clouds. It's not really big news, I mean it's not like there was ever any danger of him leaving Anfield and he was always going to be signing a new deal at some point, but it still brings a little smile to the face and the next few years should be savoured, as we are watching arguably the greatest player Liverpool has ever had. 


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