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Gambling in the Premier League

Gambling is a very popular pastime today, especially since the advent of online casinos made it available for the masses. It can also be dangerous, though, especially in a land-based environment. Online gambling, as research has shown, is much more casual, thus less able to lead to addiction.


Playing new casino games at the All Slots Casino is generally considered to be fun, and All Slots players tend to wager (and lose) much less than land-based players. Playing at the All Slots is similar to playing a social game on Facebook, only with a much larger variety of games, and wins that can actually be spent. Still, you won't see too many players get addicted to online slot machines - something you can't say about land-based gambling.


Gambling problems can appear among common people and celebrities - unfortunately, not even football players are an exception.


Eidur Gudjohnsen


Icelandic forward Eidur Gudjohnsen had a long and fruitful career, playing at teams like Barcelona, Monaco, Stoke City, and Chelsea. Unfortunately, his time at Chelsea was not his best, especially after an injury sidelined him for five months in 2003. Being bored and lonely, Gudjohnsen turned to gambling - in the months he spent away from the sport he reportedly lost £400,000. He recovered, he returned to the field, and vowed not to set foot in a casino ever again.


Dietmar Hamann


Dietmar Hamann spent seven of his best years at Liverpool, between 1999 and 2006. Outside the field, though, his life was not that "healthy or sustainable", though, thanks in part to his gambling problem. Hamann revealed that issues in his personal life have turned him toward gambling, and his gambling habit turned into addiction.


According to his autobiography, he once lost over £288,000 on a single cricket match. “Every wicket felt like a stab in the heart. By the end of the night I felt like I’d been scalped,” he wrote. “The next day, when I looked at the mess that was me in the mirror, I said ‘Didi, things have got to change’.”


Michael Chopra


Michael Chopra, a Newcastle native, played at several Premier League teams since his early years. He also started gambling at an early age, as he revealed to a court in 2013. According to his own words, he was gambling since he was 17, often wagering up to £30,000 with his teammates, on the team bus, on their way to matches. Later in his career, Chopra amassed major debts thanks to his gambling habit, being threatened by loan sharks at one time. He even told the press that he joined Sunderland especially for the sizable signing-on fee, that helped him pay off some of his debts.

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