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Five ways for Liverpool fans to stay sane while we wait for Premier League to resume

These are challenging times for everyone. But for Liverpool fans, there is an extra layer to the frustration caused by the world going into lockdown and the sports calendar frozen in time. It’s been 30 years since Liverpool last won the league, but the title for the 2019/20 season is so close we can almost touch it. 


Of course, it will mean double the celebration when life gets back to normal and the season resumes. But just what are we supposed to do in the meantime? It’s easy to spend the day staring at that Premier League table and slowly going stir crazy – but here are some better ideas. 

Work out

It’s frustrating for us, but imagine what it’s like for the players. Many have been sharing updates on how they have been staying fit under lockdown conditions. Getting some exercise is good for both physical and mental wellbeing, and World Athletics has provided some tips on exercises that anyone can do – even if you don’t have a Premier League budget and a home gym all to yourself! 

Try your luck

An important aspect of the Premier League season for many fans is putting a pound or two on Liverpool and sharing the rewards of victory in a tangible way. Of course, sport grinding to a halt has been terrible news for the major bookmakers. However, those that also offer casino-style games are still very busy. They are offering various promotions to tempt new members during these unprecedented times. It’s worth consulting Best Live Casino to get a rundown of what’s on offer across the various platforms and make an informed decision. 

Start your own season 

It’s not just the casino sites that are booming right now. Gaming in general is hugely popular, and for Liverpool fanatics, there are two obvious choices. If you’re into arcade-style action, there’s never been a better excuse to settle down to a FIFA tournament. Alternatively, if you want something a little more cerebral, Football Manager is the perfect choice. Sure, it can drag you in and eat up hours, but time is one thing most of us have in good supply right now.

Relive the glory days

You might be surprised at just how many documentaries there are about Liverpool. They are available across various platforms, including Netflix, YouTube and even the Liverpool official website. The latter has recently released Klopp’s Journey to the Kop, which is free to stream. Others worth looking out for include Being: Liverpool, a six-episode series from 2012 and the amazing Liverpool FC: Champions of Europe 2005.

Do your bit

The most important thing at times like this is to keep your sense of humour. But to finish on a serious note, those in the healthcare and retail sectors are working tirelessly to keep things going. Liverpool FC is providing support to local supermarkets, while half a million volunteers have stepped up to the plate to help the NHS protect the vulnerable. So let’s all do what we can.

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