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Effects of CBD on Athletic Performance

Several studies have already proven that CBD truly has a lot of great effects on the human body, and ever since it’s popularity keeps growing. But, what about sports?


While the sports community is no stranger to supplements in order to keep the body in the top shape possible, only recently has the talk about CBD and athletic performance started taking place. In this article, we will talk about the benefits that could be gained by using CBD regarding athletic performance.


It Helps With Stress and Anxiety


As all of the professional athletes surely know, competition can be truly stressful, and can even sometimes reach the point of not only affecting your skills while you are competing but also get you to the point where you can’t even sleep the night before an important competition, hence making you even risk injury since your body isn’t getting enough rest.


CBD can help a lot with stress and anxiety reduction, so if you are suffering from any of these, there are a lot of useful CBD oils which can, for instance, be seen in a comprehensive guide by Dwight Blake recently. The way that CBD helps is by stimulating the right areas in your brains that regulate the hormones related to stress and anxiety.


It Relieves Pain


Whether it’s due to muscle tension or let’s say a sprained joint, CBD is very effective in eliminating pain. It should be mentioned that even though Cannabionoids truly aren’t effective as opioids, so if you have acute, extremely high pain, opioids will result in relief of it, but that being said - opioids come with a risk of addiction and even overdose, while there are no such risks when talking about CBD.


And in the long run, if you are treating chronic pain, CBD is a far better option.


It Will Improve Your Sleep Quality


As we have mentioned before, not getting enough sleep can not only affect your optimal performance, but it can also affect your health. Studies have shown that athletes who do consume CBD have reported having a lot more ease when going to sleep, as well as feeling more rested when they wake up. It is speculated that the reason why does CBD affects sleep quality us because it inhibits the reuptake of adenosine.


Why adenosine? Well, when adenosine is bind to the neurons, it inhibits the release of neurotransmitters, which further results in lower brain activity, hence the feeling of greater calm.


It Prevents and Reduces Inflammation


Well, everyone knows that a bit of inflammation is fine, as it even helps the athletes by stimulating positive training adaptation, like for instance if they have overstimulated the certain muscle group, making it stronger and less prone to inflammation the next time they overdo it.




On the other hand, if the inflammation is too severe, it can only hurt your overall performance. The way that CBD helps with inflammation is by binding to the CB2 receptors, that are majorly concentrated in the tissues connected heavily to the regulation of the immune system.


The proposed mechanism of action is that when they are bound to these receptors, they are reducing cytokine production. Cytokines are basically cell messengers, so, when simplified, CBD binding to the CB2 receptors dial down the “alarm” that your immune system produces after a hard workout.


While there is a lot of research and studies that can and will be done on this topic, it is certain that CBD does have all of the effects mentioned above. So on that note, if you are an athlete, and are experiencing any of the mentioned issues, or just want to better your health overall without the use of a dozen other supplements, you can try CBD.

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