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Can You make Betting on Liverpool Pay?

This past season Liverpool left both football fans and bettors alike scratching their heads. Runaway championship winners last year, many expected them too easily stroll to another title. The way they played left many in doubt that the title would be returning to Anfield for a second successive year. Yet a combination of many things has ensured it will be a trophyless season for the Reds.


Last season, bettors were rubbing their hands with glee as Liverpool delivered result after result giving consistent payouts to punters. Their home form was superb, winning 18 out 19 games, the only blemish on that record being a home draw against Burnley. Although the odds were not great on these home wins, their reliability meant that having a bet in an online casino on a Liverpool victory would have ensured profits throughout the season.


However, this is all a thing of the past as Liverpool has been far more unpredictable this season. Yet, there have still been ways that Liverpool has entertained the fans and still kept the punters happy. Let's take a look at a few of the options available that would have kept the money coming.

Same Familiar Goalscorers

Although the season has been a letdown for the fans, betting followers of Mohammed Salah will not have been disappointed. He is currently second in the charts for top goalscorer of the season, only to Tottenham's Harry Kane, with 20 and 21 goals respectively. The prolific striker continues to guarantee payouts for fans of the Anytime Goalscorer markets. Odds are typically available for this kind of bet on any online casino or betting site.


If you wish to get better odds for your goalscorer picks, some bettors go down the route of trying to pick the First Goalscorer. Own goals usually do not count in this and the chances are good a striker like Salah will give a good return on this throughout a season. However, as opposed to Anytime Scorer, once the first goal goes in your bet is over. Let's hope your choice does the business.

Troublesome Players

Since Jurgen Klopp arrived at Liverpool in 2015, their card count has been dropping constantly, which can only be a good thing regarding suspensions. Yet a closer look reveals the same players offending, which can be an interesting way to make some extra cash. These days an online kaszinók or a sportsbook website can offer odds on players to be booked in almost every match. You no longer need to visit the high street bookmaker which can make football betting more convenient. Players such as Fabinho and Thiago Alcantara feature at the top of this list for Liverpool so they are worth keeping an eye on. 


Another two to take note of are Ozan Kabak and Sadio Mane. Kabak only signed in January and was thrust straight into the starting lineup due to Liverpool's defensive crisis. He has struggled to adapt to the fast pace of the Premier League and has already picked up a few bookings. While Mane's goal-scoring prowess has dropped off this season, he has racked up a few bookings usually at good odds. Many footballers are well known for gambling but it's unclear whether they use this angle. However, you can take advantage of this if you are not sure about betting on the standard match result market.

Corner Kings

This is a prime example of how Liverpool can continue to payout. A relatively unknown bet and not one many bettors would think of. While it is common for some people to bet on how many corners will be taken in the game itself, most online casinos now offer straight team-to-team matchups. With Liverpool being a top-of-the-table team who like to attack, you can be sure of winning some cash here.


Especially at Anfield, they usually come out of this market on top. If you are confident, or just wish to search for better odds, you could play Liverpool on the corner handicap bet. So for example, if you bet Liverpool -2 corner handicap, and Liverpool comfortably outscores the other team 10 - 4 on corners, then your bet is a winner. Liverpool will always be trying to score to win the game. And although they may not do so, you can cash in from their efforts.

Online Betting Sites

The explosion of online casinos and betting sites has made a great variety of bets like this possible. You can log in to online casino Deutschland, ones in the UK or off=shore. Choices like Both Teams To Score and Over/Under Goals are all freely available to wager on these sites. Land-based bookmakers and casinos have been hit hard by Covid-19, but in truth, they seem to be in decline anyway. The sheer scope of bets and games online seems to be the way forward. Take your time to browse around and see which casino site best suits your needs.


Platforms like mobile phones or tablets no longer make it an arduous trek to your local bookie to put on a bet. Bets in an online casino take seconds. If you are registered, deposits are instant and if you are lucky enough to win, withdrawals can be very quickly received into your bank account. No more worrying about lugging around wads of cash. Online casinos also can have generous sign-up bonuses for you to take advantage of. If you use some of these to bet on Liverpool, you can start to watch your pot grow straight away. There are also some top casinos in Liverpool for when you visit and some also take sports bets.


Followers of Liverpool and gamblers alike have been let down a lot this year. It has not been an easy procession to another title as people envisaged. Yet some things have remained steady and not disappointed. The form of Mohammed Salah has probably been the one shining light of the season. Bettors like reliability so players like Salah, Fabinho, and Thiago stand out in different markets. Just choose which avenue of betting you feel you would enjoy most and get stuck in.


Corners have been a bet that can be followed pretty confidently. With this forward-minded team and their attacking threat, this is a fun gamble and also makes the game entertaining to watch as you pray for an assault on the opposition goal. Online Casinos have all these bets and more in one-stop easy to access sites. So with careful choices, Liverpool can keep your pockets lined in these troubled times.


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