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Can Anyone Bring Liverpool’s Defence Back to Its Former Glory?

Every avid sports fan knows that no team can keep up a winning streak without a well-structured defence. What is more, great defenders are nowadays appreciated more than ever and often get credit for their team’s overall success. 


You can even come across various lists of the world’s best athletes based on their defensive skills. If you’re still not convinced of how important defence is, click here to see how much credit an NBA player can get for preventing the opponent from scoring.


Speaking of defence in the football world, one can’t help but think of Liverpool and their poor fortune in this aspect this season. Namely, the team trying to defend their Premier League title have had severe issues with injuries this season, particularly in their defensive line.


Virgil van Dijk Unlikely to Be Back Before May


The latest news regarding van Dijk’s recovery reveals significant progress. After he suffered a serious knee injury in October last year and underwent surgery soon after, the Dutchman went to Dubai to start rehabilitation at a state-of-the-art sports complex.


Last month, van Dijk came back to England, where he continued the recovery process in the gym and the pitch. He seemed like he took a turn for the better as his training session also included some simple ball drills. 


However, no doctor has given him a chance to get back on the field before May, and Jurgen Klopp, who’s still in charge of the Reds, believes only a miracle would help van Dijk join the team for an official match this season.


Joe Gomez to Miss the European Championship


After van Dijk, another Liverpool defender, Joe Gomez, suffered a similar fate. He’s also on the road to recovery, but he’s taking his time based on the video he shared on his Instagram account. He’s also been out for several months after he was injured in November during a training session.


Although he’s also seen jogging and playing with the ball, Gomez seems to be further away from his best than van Dijk. While there’s still a chance for the Dutchman to come back and help Liverpool get something out of this season, Gomez probably won’t have a chance of doing so anytime soon.


Joel Matip Out for the Remainder of the Season


Joel Matip’s departure from the field in the match against Tottenham Hotspur due to an ankle injury left Liverpool’s defence significantly damaged. Moreover, medical professionals are confident that Matip will spend the rest of the season recuperating and won’t be able to help Liverpool in any upcoming matches.


Given the current situation regarding defence, Klopp has no other option but to believe in miracles and hope that the rest of his squad will do their best and help Liverpool stay on top of their game.


Still, Liverpool fans have wondered whether there’s anything that could take the pressure off the team until the key defenders get back on their feet. Klopp seems to have found at least a temporary solution in the likes of Nat Phillips and Ozan Kabak. Only time will tell how good a move he has made with bringing these two players into the picture.

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