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Betting Strategies: Why Is The UK Football Betting Industry Growing?

Football is the first place game all over the world that has the most fans among other sports. Everyone knows about championships, even if they have never been interested in the game when it comes to championships.


Even now, when the COVID pandemic has broken our habits and most sports schedules, football remains the game that attracts UK gamblers.


Why is the UK football betting industry growing?


First, it’s the part of UK gambling, which have been skyrocketing during the last 1,5 years. Online casinos and sports booking websites gain new users since most of the entertainment shifted online.


Second, despite all the changes in matches and their schedules, football never stays at the same place. Players are transferred, new matches are held — thousands of football events deserve some attention, and they may be an exciting issue for online betting with sports not on gamstop.


If you want to try football betting too, there are some tips and strategies to make your experience as smooth and profitable as possible. Let’s take a look at them here.




Regular betting vs Football Trading Strategy


You may be curious: what is the difference between regular betting and trading in this case?


When we talk about betting, it is a game of chance, first of all. We can analyse the team’s score and stake in the winner, considering previous results. But there are only our beliefs underneath it all.


At the same time, the football trading strategy is a mathematically proven system we follow. This approach won't usually give you a one-off gain, but you should win more consistently over the long term. At least, that is the logic behind it.


If you’re interested in regular and sustainable profits, you may learn more about it here. But keep in mind that all the trading systems are time-consuming and require a deep understanding of the football and the bookmaker’s work.


3 performing football trading strategies


Sure, there are many of them, but we’ll take a look at three of them for the beginning. They are not the most efficient but are all good for the beginner to save money and profit. So here we’ll explain what they are:


  • Matched
  • Arbitrage
  • Goliath.


They may seem difficult at first glance. But if you understand the principle, you’ll get your winnings. Still, we don’t advise you to expect big wins first. In the beginning, you’ll just return your bets with a small percentage on top. Still, you can raise your stakes and winnings during the times.


Matched Betting


Here, you need two bets. One will define the winner, and the second will cover you if the first one loses. For example, there’s a match between Team A and Team B, and there is no clear favourite. So you may use a free bet on a bookie website, claiming Team A will be the winner.


At the same time, you can make a lay stake on sports betting exchange, claiming Team A will not win. By this stake, you’ll cover two outcomes:


  • draw
  • Team’s B victory.


It may be clearer in numbers. For example:


You have 20 GBP as a free bet. 20 GBP * 2.3 = 46 GBP (26 GBP as a clean win, since 20 GBP of free bet do not return to you)


Lay 10 GBP * 2.5 = 25 GBP. Your liability is 15 GBP, the difference between 25 GBP and 10 GBP of the backer’s stake.


If your free bet wins, you get 26 GBP as a winning. If it loses, you won’t miss a penny of it, but get your 15 GBP profit from a backer’s stake.


Arbitrage Betting


It may seem strange and complicated, but arbitrage betting works and gives some benefits if you have enough time to explore bookmakers’ odds. Here you may find the best proportion of odds for contrary outcomes, for example:


  • 1.5 for Team A win on the X bookie’s website.
  • 3.5 for Team B win on the Y bookie’s website.


All it takes to have some profit is to find the bet amount to get a similar result in case of any outcome.


100 GBP * 1.5 = 150 GBP

42.85 GBP * 3.5 = 150 GBP


If the first stake wins you get 150 (100 + 42.85) = 7.15 GBP profit. If the second stake wins, you get the same.


Goliath Bets


Goliath seems to be an accumulator bet. However, it covers 247 possible outcomes of 8 events. Therefore, the total bet amount will be pretty high; for example, if one stake is 1 GBP, the total bet will be 247 GBP. However, two or more correct predictions from 8 will let you get your bet back or even have something on top.


It’s still a high-risk strategy, where your football knowledge is a must. However, it may bring your odds of making a profit greatly improved.

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