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Betting On The Premier League - Betting Tips & Advice

As the English Premier League continues growing every year, millions of dollars are bet across the globe every season weekend. The league attracts millions of football fans worldwide, offering betway punters the chance to enjoy some entertainment and earn some cash.


However, it presents unique challenges to both recreational and serious bettors alike. This detailed guide on how to wager on the Premier League games will give you smart tips and advice to enhance your betting skills and help you breakeven when placing wagers.


Premier League Odds Explained


To maximize your chances of making money, its essential to understand the Premier League odds before you start placing bets. Fortunately, top bookmakers offer odds on almost every market you can imagine in football, ranging from outright bets to handicaps and total goals. Here are the most popular types of bets available on premier league games:


  • Match result (1X2) – Like any other sport, this bet involves predicting whether the match will end in a home win, a draw or an away win.
  • Goal Total Under/over – By selecting either over or under a specified number of goals, you’ll be predicting whether the total goals scored will go beyond or below the figure. For instance, if you bet on Over 2.5 in a game, you’ll win the bet if the total goals are more than 2.
  • Asian Handicap – If you like to bet on EPL games at Betway, this market is one of the best to improve odds on strong favourites. The bet involves giving one team an advantage over the other by allocating it some free goals at the beginning of the game.


How To Bet And Win On The Premier League


When placing a wager on Premier League games, you need to learn tips and strategies to increase your profit and minimize the risks. Most of these things apply to sports betting in general, so it will be quite easy to succeed in other leagues by using them.  They include:


  • Conduct in-depth research and analysis on the teams and the players, comparing recent form and head-to-head statistics
  • Identify value bets and avoid betting on strong favourites as they usually have very thin odds 
  • Keep a record of your wagers and apply a consistent staking method
  • Have a proper bankroll management system


Premier League Betting Statistics


Here are some basic statistics on the premier league, as revealed by the 1900 games played over the last five seasons. Please note that these stats should only be considered as part of your primary analysis. 


The Home Field Advantage


The worth of the home-field advantage is an important consideration and a great starting point for your analysis. According to the last five premier league seasons, it carries a significant amount of weight, with 44.5% of the games played won by home teams, with away teams winning 30.3% and draws ranging at 25.2%. 


Premier League Games Are Drawn At Halftime


Based on the last ten league seasons, 42.3% of all Premier League games stand at a draw by halftime. However, about 34% of home teams lead by the end of the first half, while only 23.7%of away teams have been able to emerge victorious in the first half. 

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