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Benteke signing will make or break Rodgers (ESPN article)

by Dave Usher for ESPN


With the club set to make it official on Tuesday, Christian Benteke will become the second-most expensive signing in the history of Liverpool Football Club. Football fans are usually filled with excitement and high expectations when their club makes such a significant investment, particularly on an attacking player, yet Benteke's expected arrival at Anfield is not exactly being met with universal approval.


Many supporters are somewhat skeptical while others fear their club is about to make yet another costly blunder in the transfer market. After so many recent big money mistakes in recent years, who can blame them?


Despite Benteke's excellent record with Aston Villa, many supporters remain unconvinced that the big Belgian is the answer to the Reds' goalscoring problems. Some simply don't feel he has the required quality to be Liverpool's number one striker, while others do not question his ability but have concerns about whether he fits in to how manager Brendan Rodgers likes his team to play. It's much easier to make a case for the latter as Benteke is clearly a quality player and to suggest otherwise is foolish, but whether Rodgers can put him in position to showcase that quality on a weekly basis is another matter entirely. That as much as anything is where the doubts about this signing come from.


Read the full article here.

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