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6 Secrets to Profitable Football Betting

Betting, in general, is a high risking game, but it can get even riskier when it comes to football. No one can correctly predict the behaviour of players if they are going to get hurt, miss a shot and whatnot.


That is why you should be careful and only be loyal to trustworthy betting sites and companies. However, besides loyalty and trust, you will need some help and knowledge before you register on a site and start spending money to earn it. 


Listen to the Statistics

Statistics don’t lie. Yes, there can be occasional anomalies, but when it comes to football betting the stats are on your side. You can look for stats at your trustworthy sites or even check Bettingmetrics. No matter which site or program it is, they will digest a huge amount of data every day and will provide you with the best odds and calculations. Also, you can follow the stats for your team and look at their past performances, scores and odds, and if you’re good at maths you can know which one is the safest bet.


Educate Yourself on the Categories 

If you are a beginner and you’re about to make your first bet, make sure to gather as much knowledge as you can beforehand. Look through several betting sites, read up on betting reviews, check the terms and conditions and how the site works. You can even find a lot of sites that do reviews, such as soccerbetting365.com and go through reviews of many different betting sites. Among others, they have a detailed review of Betfair Sport, which can be of great help for your first bet. 


Then, learn about the categories and principles of betting. There is always something new to learn and you should learn about the entire world of betting and the subtleties. Those are often gained from experience, but as a football gambler, you should have knowledge of the basics before you start betting. 


Utilise the SMART Method

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. When betting on football, you have to act like a businessman and know that there are no shortcuts to easy money. And this means that your approach to gambling should be methodical and scientific if you want to earn a decent profit in the long run. 



Establish Your Earning Target

If you are planning on getting the profits in the long run, you have to establish the amount you want to earn - the goal. Every businessman knows that without a goal there is no clear plan and great execution, and this is why you need to have a goal. Determine in advance what you are shooting for, whether you want to make sure to have big profits that will last or you simply want a quick way to earn a little extra money. After that, you can come up with the plan, utilize the knowledge you gathered and move on to placing the bet. 


Discipline and Patience

Your strict discipline and a lot of patience are paramount in betting. The sooner you realize that there are no shortcuts to getting rich, especially from betting on football, the better. If you wish to secure constant and consistent incomes from your activity, you have to refrain from taking risks and taking the dangerous road with high payoffs. Your best bet is to stick to betting on events that can be predicted with statistics with a high degree of certainty. Plus, you need to discipline yourself to follow news and events related to football because these will be a valuable source of clues about what you can bet on next. 



Gamble ONLY with a CLEAR HEAD

If you want to make money and not lose too much of it, it is crucially important to only bet when your head is clear. If you’ve had a few too many beers, and if you think you are getting that “gut feeling”, it’s probably the beer talking and avoid placing any bets. Also, if you’ve had a hard and exhausting day, refrain from logging in and placing your bets. Your tired mind is not clear and there could be miscalculations or bad decisions which can only stop you from reaching your goal. Gambling is an activity that should be reserved for your prime hours, so don’t rush and be realistic. 


Most people think that football betting is their shortcut to success and fortune. However, that attitude will only lead you to much lost money. What you need to do is approach this as a businessman and be very methodical about everything. Be smart, keep a clear head and discipline and you will manage to reach your profit goals. 

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