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"The goal in the snow (1946-47)" by Steve Horton

Albert Stubbins, one of Liverpool’s heroes of the immediate post war era, hit a superb hat trick in an FA Cup 6th round tie against Birmingham at Anfield. One of his goals, a great diving header became known as the ‘goal in the snow’.

The first season after World War 2 was plagued by wintry weather and despite this game being played in early March there was still a blanket of snow over the Anfield pitch. Interest in the game was so great that it was made all ticket, a revolutionary concept at the time. 
Three goals from Albert and one from Jack Balmer booked our place in the semi finals, but it was his second goal that is most remembered.  Billy Liddell crossed hard and low from the left and Albert flew through the air like a plane in an attempt to connect with the ball. He timed his dive just right and the powerful header into the top corner gave the keeper no chance. 
When he landed he sent snow flying everywhere and ended up with cuts on his hands and knees from the frozen ground underneath. The goal was captured by television cameras and serves as a reminder that footballers didn’t always have the luxury of undersoil heating to clear the pitches. 



Season:  1946/47
Opposition: Birmingham City
Result: 4-1
ScorersAlbert Stubbins (3), Jack Balmer
Venue: Anfield



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It's such a shame technology wasn't around in those days as I'd love to watch some of these old games on DVD.


I'd love to have seen Liddell, Stubbins, Balmer, Longworth, Scott and other legends from the pre-TV era and I'd be really curious to see how the games looked in terms of the pace of it, and how the five up front formations worked etc

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I remember going to a mid week  fa cup replay game against Man City back in 1956, it was a grey and  freezing cold day, but the gates were closed half an hour before kick off, the boys pen was full very early so I had to go in the kop and I have never been so crushed in a crowd before or since, the attendance was reckoned to be sixty four thou., anyway, less than 2 mins to go and we are losing 2.1, I noticed Billy you know who, also known as king,  rolling up his sleeves  which meant look out, then he got the ball and set off from in his own half beating man after man and finished off smashing a cracker past Bert Trautman into the roof of the net, the kop went absolutely berserk, I was tossed around like a rag doll, then as if by magic the cheering stopped abruptly, hey hang on... what the!..... the players were trooping off, the next day the ref said he had blown the final whistle seconds earlier but the noise from the crowd was so loud nobody had heard it.

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