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A Few Thoughts from the Season Opener - by Paul Natton

Aug 12 2018 09:57 PM | tlw content in Opinion

1. "Top, top, top, top, top of the lea..." Nah. Not having that nonsense. League tables shouldn't exist in August. That said, if we're serious about No.19, we need to start well and sustain it. So it's at least good to know we had the best star...

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Season Preview: Glass Half Full v Glass Overflowing

Aug 11 2018 09:35 AM | tlw content in Opinion

With the new season upon us, two long time TLW contributors, Paul Natton and John Brennan, share their thoughts and expectations on what we should expect from Jurgen's Reds. One is urging caution on the title talk while the other is embracing it. No prizes for guessing who is saying what!

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Here we go again: Let the fun begin - by Jason Harris

Aug 08 2018 08:37 AM | tlw content in Opinion

The recently completed World Cup captivated football lovers all over the globe, but in the minds of many diehard supporters, the real thing kicks off in just a few days time.  It is a time of year when opinions are aplenty about who is going to wi...

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The Members’ Sale: a biannual shambles: by Olly Ricketts

Jul 20 2018 07:07 PM | tlw content in Opinion

The third Wednesday in July may not mean much to most people. But for a sizeable proportion of Liverpool supporters it is the most tense night of the year. Hours of sleep is lost, minds racing with excitement.   Will this finally be the year that...

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Suarez v Salah: Old flame or current love?

Jun 18 2018 10:56 AM | tlw content in Opinion

So Luis Suarez v Mohamed Salah didn’t happen then. Poor Mo still hadn’t recovered from his MMA stoppage loss to Sergio Ramos in Kiev, while Suarez may as well have been sat on the bench next to him for all the use he was to Uruguay on the day. ...

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LFC Progress: Are You In Or Are You Out? - by Paul Natton

May 31 2018 07:00 PM | tlw content in Opinion

So what a season, eh? Scintillating football, world record signing, best player in the league, goals galore, another CL qualification, the best side in the country/ever (depending on the level of hyperbole you subscribe to) beaten three times and very...

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Jordan Henderson: From adversity comes strength - by Jason Harris

May 15 2018 08:05 PM | tlw content in Opinion

When Jordan Henderson leads the team out on to the NSC Olympiysky Stadium next Saturday evening to take on Real Madrid in the Champions League final, he will be well aware of the magnitude of the moment in terms of his own career.    To say t...

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Jurgen Klopp: The man who made the Reds believe in themselves again - by Jason Harris

Apr 18 2018 02:05 PM | tlw content in Opinion

Confidence is one of those intangibles in life, which has no middle ground. When you are at your peak level, you feel untouchable and think nothing can stop the momentum.  Conversely, when things are tough, it feels like the end of the world and t...

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A few thoughts from the match: Liverpool 3 Man City 0 - by Paul Natton

Apr 05 2018 08:08 AM | tlw content in Opinion

1. Get in!!! 2. How’s that “Your atmosphere is overplayed” line working for you this morning, City fans?   3. I hate that joyless dirge which has become our new CL anthem this season, but I tell you what: I couldn’t stop s...

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Selecting the starting lineup for the key games to end the season - by Jason Harris

Mar 14 2018 06:01 PM | tlw content in Opinion

Let's admit it, as football fans, we love to be armchair experts. An after match phone-in wouldn’t be complete without a angry caller saying his manager got the team selection totally wrong and cost them victory.  The manager would be well w...

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Roberto Firmino: The Heart and Soul of the Reds - by Jason Harris

Feb 21 2018 09:05 PM | tlw content in Opinion

It is an old age question which usually comes back with a whole range of different responses: What is the true definition of a world class footballer?    A high level of skill is naturally one of the most important qualities, however that is...

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Thanks for closing the window, now let us get on with the football - by Jason Harris

Feb 01 2018 08:43 PM | tlw content in Opinion

The start of a new year is seen as one of fresh beginnings, one where personal goals are set for the upcoming twelve months.  In Football, January also marks the opportunity to replenish the playing stocks in preparation for the all-important seco...

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Who is the right man for the left back role? - by Jason Harris

Jan 10 2018 09:59 AM | tlw content in Opinion

Ask any Reds fan who they thought would be one of the first out of the exit door come the end of the 2016/7 season and Alberto Moreno would have ranked very high on the list. There was a good reason for that line of thinking.    After a shaky...

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If you're serious about Coutinho then get on with it, we haven't got all month

Jan 04 2018 10:30 PM | tlw content in Opinion

Last summer Liverpool wanted to sign Virgil Van Dijk but for various reasons could not get a deal done. Similarly, Barcelona wanted to sign Philippe Coutinho but for various reasons also could not get a deal done.    Fast forward to January,...

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Liverpool's mid term report - The good, the bad and everything in between - by Jason Harris

Dec 20 2017 07:10 PM | tlw content in Opinion

It seemed just like yesterday that the 2017/8 season kicked off in earnest. Now as we reach its midpoint, I thought what better time to take a look back what has occurred in the first four months.  From the overwhelming joy of putting Arsenal to t...

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Will maligned trio ever win the trust of supporters? - by Jason Harris

Dec 05 2017 12:04 PM | tlw content in Opinion

The below re-enactment has played out all too many times over the years for the Reds.  'A mistake by Dejan Lovren consigned Liverpool to a 2-1 defeat against (insert team name) at the (insert venue).'  'However in this same match, Roberto Fir...

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A question of football passion: What the game means to you in the modern era - by Jason Harris

Nov 17 2017 10:57 PM | tlw content in Opinion

As football fans, we have just witnessed unbridled joy and complete devastation as the final few nations have qualified for the 2018 World Cup.  It was hard not to get swept up in the emotions of Sweden and Denmark as they completed very impressiv...

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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: A difficult beginning but a transfer gamble worth taking - by Jason Harris

Oct 27 2017 07:18 PM | tlw content in Opinion

For all the talking points in football, nothing gets the emotions flowing like a good old-fashioned discussion about transfers.  It is always something that starts vigorous debate between passionate football fans all over the world and admittedly,...

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Matip the right man to fill the Defensive leader role - by Jason Harris

Oct 06 2017 11:02 PM | tlw content in Opinion

The Liverpool defence. Those three words have Reds fans waking up in cold sweats the night before a game. As a supporter you want to be positive about all aspects about the team, but you know deep down that they are highly likely to concede one or more...

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Facts! - by John Brennan

Sep 26 2017 12:11 PM | tlw content in Opinion

Rafa liked his facts, did he not? So, without further ado, let’s break down Klopp’s reign into facts. He’s been here for just about two calendar years now. No snarkiness; no snide remarks about, “That’s football!”: it’s nearly Christmas so benevolence...

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