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Online Casino in the World of Football

More people than ever before is gambling on sports and online casino. There was a time when gambling it self was looked down upon, gambling on online casino anyway. Sure, there are still people who have that state of mind today. And I can see why many people could look down or mistrust online casinos.
Rigged games and fraud are topics that flourishes many forum and sites. And yes, it might have been a problem in the past, when the industry was new. However, online gambling is now one of the most restricted industries in the world. They are constantly under the loop by several organizations that make sure everything is done by the book. And if you’re ever unsecure there’s websites you can turn to if you’d like to find trusted and secure online casinos, https://dreamz.com/ among many others. 
However, the view on online casino has changed for the larger part of the mass. The industry has reached a state of trustworthiness and legitimacy it was lacking before. Which is one of the reason why the industry been advancing the last couple of years. The question is - how did the gambling industry manage to flip the coin? How did the manage to gain the trust with the common man?

Of course, there are a lot of reasons that made this possible. New technology and innovative designers have made the slots more appealing to most people. The games itself has evolved from a quite boring machine that gives you a chance to win money, to more of a fun, exciting experience that bombard you with stunning visual effect - a completely new experience. People play to relax or together with friends, as a hobby, not only to win some extra cash. 
However, this doesn’t really explain how the online gambling industry manage to change their market position. One piece of the puzzle that made this possible could be the positioning of the casino brand close to the world of football and sports in general. Let’s take a closer look at this!

Football’s Connection to Online Gambling 
Sponsorship - Football teams: Sports betting and online casino companies are by far the highest represented industry in terms of sponsorship deals. In the Premier League roughly fifty percent of all teams have a sponsor deal with companies connected to online gambling. And this is in the Premier League -  the most popular league, in the most popular sport in the world. 


Football Stars Influencers: Never ever before have football stars have the status and influence as they have today. They are what rock stars was in the 70s. And if look at Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, perhaps the two biggest stars in football. Both are the face out for one of the biggest gambling site in the world. This, combined with social media platforms like Twitter available, these Influencers reach millions of people everyday. 
Cross Sale, sports and casino: Another thing that made it easier for casino sites was the cross sale between sportsbook. Sports betting have been around for ages and have for a long time built up the trust and legitimacy for brands and the industry in total. As the online casino grew bigger, classic UK brands like William Hill among many others sport betting sites, now saw the possibility to add a casino section to their product selection.
And the cross sale between the two products (sportsbook and casino) was initiated - reaching millions of people that already had the trust for the brands. So well established brands were now offering casino as well, which made it easier for many online casinos to ride on that wave of trust.
What’s Next?
The online gambling industry is projected to keep growing the next 5-10 years as well, so it will sure be interesting to see how far it will go. Will we have a casino branded football team in any major league in the future? We already seen brands from other industries in the major leagues. For instance, FC Red Bull Salzburg and Leipzig who goes under the Red Bull umbrella. So, keep your eyes open, much will change in the future!

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