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In Topic: Arctic Monkeys

09 June 2018 - 03:24 PM

The latest album has grown on me somewhat but it's still disappointing.

He's still on top form, lyric-wise, though so at least that's something.

Not a patch on their earlier stuff though. Their younger fans have been alienated/confused somewhat by this album - which I find amusing.

Yeah, agree lyrically. That's one thing me and the girlfriend said about the album.

It's just a been strange. Is he trying to be Bowie? Or trying to be different too much? Good on them for trying something different but if I like a rock band I want a rock album, not a series of noise and basically talking through a song.

It could be a grower but I doubt it.

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In Topic: Arctic Monkeys

09 June 2018 - 10:49 AM

Yeah, I'm not a fan of the new album at all. Bought tickets to see them in September. Mainly for The Mrs as she's as a big fan but I was quite looking forward to it beforehand.

Watched the BBC show before. He is strange. Genuinely seemed on stuff and was acting weird.

The old material is far better.

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In Topic: Boxing 2018

09 June 2018 - 06:40 AM

I thought Fury still looked overly flabby, looks like a middle aged body

He did but good on him for getting back down to the weight he is at the moment and overcoming everything he has. I'm not his biggest fan but good on him.

I wish he was in with a better opponent tomorrow night. Not saying a top 10 obviously but at least someone whose a natural heavyweight.

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In Topic: Boxing 2018

08 June 2018 - 10:05 AM

I'm sure I read that he has to put on 6 PPV's a year. Sky massively overpaid for the footy, so they're trying to get it back anyway they can. I'm very surprised he hasn't put Chisora / Whyte 2 on PPV.

Yeah, that was the number I had in mind too.

Joshua v Parker
Bellew v Haye 2
Whyte v Parker
Joshua v whoever is lined up for summer time and then probably a late one

So one more after this. Can't think who'd be PPV worthy in all honesty.

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In Topic: Boxing 2018

08 June 2018 - 09:20 AM

Whyte / Parker fight is actually a god scrap but putting it on PPV is a fucking joke from Hearn, the horrible greedy cockney twat, which is a shame because everybody is complaining about that instead of praising the fight.

It could be alright if he does what he did with that Brook/Gavin card back in 2015. When he had Brook/Gavin (IBF world title), Gradovich/Selby (IBF world title), Linares/Mitchell (WBC world title), Ryder/Blackwell (British title) and it had a green Anthony Joshua fighting Kevin Johnson too. That was a boss card, which didn't have any stand out big names on it. So here's hoping he does something like that with this.

It'll be a mixture of Sky and Hearn. Apart from Joshua (and Bellew v Haye), Matchroom currently don't have many stand out PPV fights or fighters. Obviously they have a contract saying they need to do X amount of PPV shows so this is probably something he thinks is close to being PPV.

I'm sure Parker won't be cheap either. I agree with you saying it needs a decent bill though. It'll probably be Buatsi, Okolie, Fowler etc... That sort of thing. Fowler v Cheeseman would be a decent fight on that bill. Still needs a decent co event. Brook apparently is rumoured to be it.

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