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In Topic: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

26 August 2017 - 09:47 AM

With Adey Ward as his agent these stories of him turning down £180,000 a week at Arsenal don't seem that credible to me, would we pay him that? Neither does the prospect of FSG sanctioning a £30 million move for an injury prone player with only a year left on his contract.

In Topic: Summer 2017 Transfer Thread

06 August 2017 - 10:29 AM

Last summer was different to this one though and last year I kind of agreed to what was happening, if we could get CL football with the squad he had to save the money to get his top targets this year then it made sense, Klopp was relying on his world class coaching and managing of a football to team to get us there and he did. Now we're there we should be spending the money on the right players, I can't see how there's only one centre back in the world that would considerably improve us and only one centre midfielder, the club briefed the media that there was £200m to spend and we still have a few players who are going to be offloaded so there's no excuse.



And it's not as if there aren't other positions that couldn't be improved upon either. I'd hoped we would just do what Spurs have done these last few years: add 2 or 3 decent, effective players every summer and eventually find ourselves in the strong position they are now. But we definitely need one or two more first-team ready players in before the end of the month for that progress to be maintained.

In Topic: Summer 2017 Transfer Thread

05 August 2017 - 09:41 AM

If we enter the season with this squad I think it'll take one more thing from FSG during the season for it to all kick off, most fans who supported them are slowly realising that they aren't putting in much of their own money and we generally selling to buy and are turning on them, if we sell Coutinho and don't get anyone or just VVD in I think we'll start seeing protests and more "FSG Out" propaganda, I hope we don't because it makes us look a bit Arsenal and the club becomes toxic, but enough would be enough. People will say they tried to buy Keita and they tried to buy Van Dijk but instead of fucking about leaking shit and pissing of Director of Footballs just stump up the money they want and both deals could have possibly been done months ago. They need to sign Van Dijk this window at a bare minimum and also now a midfielder with Lallana out, I'd take Oxlade-Chamberlain now with a guarantee we get Keita next summer, if there's an inkling from Keitas camp/village that there's a chance he could go elsewhere next summer when his clause kicks in then go big for his alternative this year and not bother with AOC.


If nothing happens before the end of the window there will be trouble no doubt. At the very least FSG will have to shake up the recruitment team as they just aren't delivering. It's nearly 5 years since they moved over from City and their record has been patchy to put it mildly. This is Klopp's 4th window, there's been ample time and opportunity to sort out the shortcomings in the squad but we still only have 2, first-team quality but injury prone centre-backs. One slip and we will be playing that CL qualifier tie with Klavan or Gomez in the heart of the defence and that will put the prestige of the club at risk, to say nothing of the massive revenue at stake. It's not in FSG's or the club's best interests to put itself in this position but it has. That's just incompetence, nothing else.


What I find really odd about FSG's stewardship of the club is the hapless way they've managed risk. Henry's whole business career revolves around the accurate assessment of risk, his fund is one of the best performing anywhere over the last 20 years because he is so good at it. But with him as owner Liverpool as a club seem to have taken ill advised gambles all over the place. With Coutinho for instance, just because he signed a new contract doesn't mean he couldn't leave us high and dry a few months later, it's already happened to them once before with Suarez. Even if we keep him this window he will almost certainly be off next summer so we should be looking to get his replacement in now to give them a season to bed in but I'd be very surprised if we do.


I hope things have turned round and we have reasons to be optimistic by August 31st because all the old excuses no longer apply. We don't have a manager nobody's heard of or no chance of Champion's League football or a lack of money anymore. City and Chelsea are getting these deals over the line, why aren't we able to do the same?

In Topic: Another Incident On London Bridge

05 June 2017 - 12:27 PM

Anyone else seen the stories about one of the attackers calling himself "Abz" and wearing an Arsenal shirt?

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In Topic: Summer 2017 Transfer Thread

29 May 2017 - 10:21 AM

All this talk about £100 million for Keita and Van Dijk but not much about a left-back or another quick forward. Milner has plainly had enough of playing at left back and faded to an almost non-existent attacking threat in the second half of the season as far as I could make out. I can't see how this young kid from Fulham could be a replacement either. Apart from being 17 he's more of an attacking player anyway.


As for the forward, Julian Brandt appears to have decided to stay put apparently because he wants guaranteed first team football to improve his World Cup chances. The only other player mentioned is Mohammed Salah, don't know how likely he is. I wonder whether Coutinho moving back into midfield might allow Klopp to persuade Brandt that he would be first choice in a front 3 with Firmino and Mane. I know Brandt has been a long-term fixation for our scouting department. They were reportedly watching him when they noticed Emre Can, and that was 3 years ago.