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Highest Reputation Content

#4606495 *Shakes head* Everton again.

Posted by cloggypop on 05 October 2016 - 04:35 PM

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#5134845 Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

Posted by Lightforce on 06 July 2018 - 12:45 AM

I see the hysterical fannies have reacted to the most obvious news of the summer with the foreseeable good grace



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#4689552 January 2017 transfer window

Posted by G Richards on 14 January 2017 - 07:17 PM

Only the handful who think we're going to win the league.

Whereas if we lose, the majority of fans who bravely went out on a limb (!) and predicted we'd finish sixth will be happy?

You remain a sneering tit, lacking in any great footballing insight that I've been able to discern on here, to remotely justify your hubris.
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#4277281 Does Rodgers deserve another season.

Posted by Russ Atmosphere on 29 September 2015 - 03:57 PM


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#4151311 That banner flying over Anfield yesterday.

Posted by Anubis on 03 May 2015 - 09:06 AM

A few points for your predilection:


1. The air advertising banner company chosen to fly the banner happens to be the same one chosen to fly the Moyes Out banner at Old Trafford.


A cursory Google search shows at least 5 companies in the UK (based on the front page) who provide aerial adverts. However, on both occasions the same company was chosen - www.airads.co.uk.


https://www.google.c...sing uk&start=0


Here is their Twitter account on which they confirm on Thursday they are flying the banner (look at the tweets for the 30th April and keep them in mind as there is another point I'd like to make later):




And here is an article showing a tweet linking them to the Moyes Out banner.




Curious this company should be chosen on both occasions given they are based in Kent.





2. The banner was likely flown from the former Blackpool International Airport as opposed to John Lennon Airport as has been suggested elsewhere.


Here is a picture of the banner in the hangar.




Note the 'tiger' plane in the foreground. That is not the plane that flew the banner, but it has a rather unique ID number. Checking G-RRRZ shows it belongs to a chap in Burnley:





Now, if you look at it's recorded flights on Flightradar24 you will note that not only are most of it's flights from an airport situated between Lytham and Blackpool (you can replay them on the map), but the last flight was Friday 1st May when it took off and landed from that airport. That suggests it was still at the airport on Saturday.




Evidence from Flightaware shows that in December the plane made a journey from Bkackpool International to Wharton, which suggests the airport in the flight on the 1st May is Blackpool - no longer an international airport but open to small aircraft.




Keen observers will also note that in the article about the Moyes Out banner the tweet from Airads states they are setting off to Blackpool.


Here's a picture of the Moyes Out Banner:




And the Rodger banner:




Check out the white buildings in the pictures. Same buildings. Same hanger. Same airport. And it ain't JLA.





3. None of this is conclusive as to who was behind the banner. But one further thing I did notice when I looked at Airads twitter feed. There has consistently been one party who have delighted in pulling stunts to wind fans of clubs up and drum up business for themselves. And here they are retweeted by Airads - Paddypower (albeit they like to take credit, so maybe not).


Finally, while the party/parties behind the banner are still unknown, it is disappointing to see obviously genuine Liverpool fans on Twitter supporting this. They need to have a word with themselves.

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#4993580 They tried to make me go to rehab and I said.......Ok then.

Posted by Anny Road on 18 January 2018 - 04:57 PM

Stopped drinking a while ago and I’m going to make it stick. Checking in tomorrow for a possible 10 week stint to finally get this monkey off my back. Hopefully it works. No WiFi, gulp.
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#4253353 Missing (posters) in Action

Posted by Clarence on 29 August 2015 - 06:32 PM

Thank you for the get well messages.

Im now off any oxygen support but still have a couple of drains in my stomach to get rid of the shit that builds up. I can eat and drink which is great. Still a long way to go as i cant sit up on my own let alone stand.4 months in bed isnt great for keeping muscle.

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#4077576 FAO stevebaby

Posted by Reds4Life on 17 February 2015 - 07:39 AM

Hiya everyone.

We had a bit of a send off for the main man yesterday. Cev and I stayed until the end and I only realised when I got home nudging midnight three sheets that it was only a Monday.... Ouch...

The service was a pretty simple affair. Only two of Ste's relatives were there, his aunts, a couple of his mates and obviously Cev, me and the GF.

We organised some flowers from everyone so I got him a nice wreath in red and white flowers and I wrote on the card YNWA Ste Gandy, Love from The Liverpool Way forum.

I organised some music for the service.

The Wrestler (Bruce Springsteen)
With a little help from my friends (Joe Cocker)
Only the good die young (Billy Joel)
Have a little faith in me (Joe Cocker)
You'll Never Walk Alone

Everyone that was there seemed to think the music was appropriate for Gandyji.

We got to meet his aunts who told us just what a larrikin Ste had always been. They reinforced just how intelligent the man was and he always walked to the beat of his own drum.

Melanie, a girl from another forum Ste frequented (Wooden Boat Forum) flew up from Melbourne to pay her respects and told stories of a shit stirrer, a political activist, a lover of botany and just what an incredibly caring man Ste was when she lost her husband last year for the support he gave her and her two children.

I got up and said a few words about what Ste had meant to us and then I read Ste's post about how he became a Liverpool supporter which he put up on this thread.

Cev and I went for a few sherbets with Frank, Monica and Morris who Ste used to work with.

Frank is Ste's best mate who told us stories of his love of fishing as well as some of their kayaking adventures together.

Frank told us of Ste's high regard for everyone on the forum and how appreciative he was for all your kindness and generosity.

I had printed off a lot of photos from all of our adventures which I will make a book of and give to Frank with a copy of the thread so he can read the entire story.

I thanked the hospice, the nurses and the doctors for the amazing support that they provided Ste and how appreciative we all are for the level of care they provided when he needed it the most.

I thanked Paul who spent the last few months doing Ste's laundry and odd jobs and we will stay in touch as well.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed, encouraged, laughed, cried, offered support, written, called, whatever you did.

Thank you.

What you have shown is humanity at its greatest.

Life can be a quality experience.

When people believe in something so much, the momentum and inspiration knows no boundaries.
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#4408863 Baby Ape

Posted by Sugar Ape on 19 February 2016 - 11:50 PM

So, after going in Sunday night for my wife to be induced with my first born she finally gave birth yesterday to a little girl via caesarean. Been horiffic waiting, didn't sleep or eat for 40 hours and had to sit there through a 16 hour labour before they decided to cut her out but more than worth it in the end.


Baby Isabella.



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#5109012 Is Chelsea’s bubble about to burst?

Posted by Dr Nowt on 31 May 2018 - 02:03 PM

As an aside to the original point, and while this wasn’t exactly a surprise to me, it’s Saddam-esque how our government had no issues with where this heinous fucking human shitsack of a moral vacuum’s funds came from, until it became politically expedient to do so.

They’ve happily stood by for 15 years and let a Russian mobster launder his image, along with his money, and not only grab the reflected respectability of owning a prominent football club and being treated like a foreign dignitary, but act as catalyst for how rancid particularly the financial side of English football has now become.

He’s then carried on his fucking ruthless, corrupt practices at Chelsea, such as buying up young players like shares and loaning them all over Europe on an industrial scale, and the shenanigans with clubs supposedly paying double and triple the worth of players they’re selling, right as FFP apparently became a thing, without impediment.

Worst of all was listening to the likes of Motson getting misty-eyed and reverential whenever footage of him clapping at Chelsea goals like a brain-damaged seal was broadcast. Indeed, John, how truly life-affirming it is to watch a man who inhaled the birth-rights of millions and millions of his own countrymen so he can have yachts in different colours, and still saw fit to charge them to have a piss, being marginally happy that John Terry has powerfully headed a goal in. Which, incidentally, is itself the sporting equivalent of someone hitting a marble with a fucking tennis racquet, such is the grotesqueness of his cubically massive, mongoloid head.

The only consolation is not just the stuff CT has mentioned re Visa issues, but that you just implicitly know, cold, dead-eyed shark that he is, he’ll have no compunction whatsoever about leaving Chelsea for dead should they cease to be of use to him/it becomes most convenient to do so.
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#4069194 FAO stevebaby

Posted by Reds4Life on 09 February 2015 - 10:14 PM

Apologies for not writing for a couple of days folks, my head has just been a wee bit scrambled the last couple of days.

Like Cev has already said, the suddeness of it all had been the greatest shock. I mean we all knew what was happening, we all knew that one of us was destined to break away from the pack and lead us all out again some time in the near future but the rapidity of it all after last Friday has been tough to take.

Last Friday was boss. The Mercantile was a brilliant and fitting way now looking back as the scene for Ste's Last Stand.

Cev was jockeying so I went and grabbed the main man who was wide eyed and ready for it. Ste and I had talked about a couple of things a few days before the outing, the frustration of this insidious disease and the effects of it on us all.

Ste and I had just come to the conclusion that you always have to be looking ahead for something, aiming for something to keep the motivational juices flowing, keep the inspiration and dreams of your childhood and live as much of them out as possible.

I did however make sure that Ste fully knew our definition of creative juices is not dangling your spare parts out in a garden perving on nurses, that was his own private sanctuary!! Haha.

This was the best way for him to deal with what he was going through. Of course he was in pain, I can only imagine the pain he was going through but he kept pushing, he kept fighting and we kept putting trips, outings, days in the garden with Green Jesus, a few spliffs and some Leffes in front of him so he could look forward to those moments to suspend his pain in a moment in time of laughs, beers and funny stories and memories.

When we gets to the Mercantile I go in search of momentos. I asked the girl at the bar if they had any shirts behind the counter that we could maybe get our hands on for the main man.

She asked me how big he was because they only had small. Aye, small is good enough girl, lash us one of them will ya? Sure enough they came out to him with the shirt. Ste sees it is a small and is kicking off!! Haha!! "I'm not fucking small!" Cev and I said we believe him he doesn't have to get it out or anything. I think that is when we were doing a couple of videos that had me in absolute bulk!!

Melons bra being worn on your head like some WWII fighter pilot running around the hozzie had to be the funniest mental picture of them all!

So I wheels Ste around the corner for his self administered pain relief in the form of a bag of weed and a pipe. He unwittingly punctures his Alex Ferguson which means we are leaning over a grate in the middle of Sydney emptying a piss bag down a drain when we realise there is a tourist group coming towards us... Oh only about 100 folks with cameras and a curiousity that bedevilled mere interest.

"It's ok Kev, the Germans are into all this piss and shit stuff" Ste says sort of nonchalently as he fixes himself another pipe. I am just sitting there laughing at the whole scene thinking fair fucking digs Ste, you do whatever you want man.

We gets back to Cev and I see he has thrown a few photos on the forum which has us all laughing again until Cev sees that Ste's pissbag has sprung a leak and he is getting ferried back to the hozzie in his motor!

Brilliant afternoon and night. Alex met us down there a bit later on and we got stuck into a few more Guiness. Cheap bastard Gandy like, must have been taking lessons off the alien and "left his wallet" back at the hozzie so couldn't buy us a pint!! Haha.

Some asked about Ste and biological family. He did have some family we had spoken about them a couple of times. I won't go into too much detail but I will say that there had been a lot of animosity in the past which had led to various splits and factions which meant there either weren't a lot of family alive or aware of what was happening. I know his aunt went an saw him a day or two before he passed and was there with him on the Saturday.

Ste however saw the GF as his family. He had opened his life up to us all and we opened our hearts up to him. Fair trade I reckon.

I keep getting a bit misty eyed writing some stuff but he was a fucking great guy. To think in such a small space of time we could form such friendships and learn so much about life as well as ourselves is mind boggling.

Thank you Ste for you. Someone, I think it was Anubis wrote about meeting teachers in life when you least expect too an I can only concur with that.

I have been humbled before. I have felt small and insignificant. I have felt unimportant and sometimes just allowed life to pass me by but no more.

We are all important. We are all special. We all have a goal. We all have a purpose.

I have promised Ste a lot. We agreed to let me get some of his ashes and take them to Anfield as well as send him around to every boozer the GF wants to send him off in.

We have thought of a few tributes to the man. A memorial bench or plaque near Green Jesus, lashing a 100 weed seeds around Green Jesus for others to feel Ste's love but I love the idea of Green Jesus at Anfield with FAO Stevebaby or Ste Gandy TLW is a brilliant idea. One of those perpetual Anfield signs which has everyone scratching their head is a great idea.

So my man you move onto bigger and better things. Shine like the crazy diamond you are Gandyji. Cev, Alex and I have loved every minute we spent with you and I know I am a much better person for this whole experience.

Nath, what can I say? Your efforts to get that video was incredible.

Cath. An inspiration. If ever you can see how a small idea can snowball into an avalanche of love it is here. Thanks for putting me in contact with Cev a few months ago and I appreciate everything you have done for Ste.

Col. Ste talked fondly of your phone call on Xmas Day. He treasured it. It truly meant a lot to him and allowed him to refocus on what he wanted to achieve in his remaining time here.

The rest of you who have written messages, sent PMs, kept up to date and just sent your love and affection to the man I salute you also.

You never know the power of written word, deed or action until you are caught up in the middle of something like that but it was such a positive and incredible time and one I will never, ever forget.

You'll Never Walk Alone Stephen Gandy.

Honorary Scouser. A red through and through.

The last book you read was Shanks. How fitting that a great man was reading of another.

Hope you have found a place on the Kop up there mate. Have a few Leffes and tokes for Cev, Alex and I lad, rest easy now mate you deserve it.
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#4006938 FAO stevebaby

Posted by Arthur Friedenreich on 18 December 2014 - 07:19 AM

Posted Image

The legend.
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#3790868 What Did You Do Today?

Posted by Skidfingers McGonical on 22 May 2014 - 12:46 AM


I became a Dad.

Meet Frankie McGonical weighing at 8lbs 9 oz born at 21:17.

Posted Image

What a day.
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#4477358 Hey guys, I did it. I just retired!

Posted by CaramaC on 04 May 2016 - 08:22 AM

So after 30 years with the same company l just took early retirement from my job (QA)  

After paying into a final salary pension plan for all those years and reaching the point where my mortgage is paid up I decided the time was right.

My work involved working a 3 shift system and a 40 mile a day commute, so ......





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#4277251 Does Rodgers deserve another season.

Posted by Russ Atmosphere on 29 September 2015 - 02:58 PM


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#4080247 "You're Not Singing Any More"

Posted by AngryofTuebrook on 19 February 2015 - 11:14 PM

Fucking shite, this.  It's bad enough when a handful of people nearest the away fans sing it at some whoppers from Stoke, or some other desolate shithole, who have been giving it loads of anti-Scouse cliches non-stop, but tonight there were THOUSANDS of people in Anfield, sitting there more or less silently for 85 minutes, before piping up with this abomination.


This shit ought to go on the list of stuff that gets you kicked out and banned from all grounds.

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#4397689 Liverpool 2 Sunderland 2 (Feb 6 2016)

Posted by tlw content on 08 February 2016 - 02:56 PM


Report by Dave Usher at Anfield (for 77 minutes anyway)


Is it worth even mentioning the match? I suppose I have to given this technically is a "match report", so I’ll get that out of the way as quickly as possible before getting to the important stuff. We played ok, at least we did for the time I was in the stadium.
Apparently it all quickly went tits up after that, but the vast majority of fans who had left won’t have even been particularly bothered as there was more at stake on Saturday than trying to hold onto 8th spot. Even those who were bothered won't have been surprised.
We’ve come to expect such levels of under-achievement from this team now. It’s almost as predictable as the continued piss taking from greedy owners and chief executives. More on that in a bit though.

Basically the first half was awful. The lively Moreno had a couple of chances, one which the keeper saved with his feet and another he awkwardly headed over because he refuses to use his right foot for anything other than standing on. Firmino hit one just over the bar from the edge of the box but generally it was attack v defence and defence was winning.

The second half was better, particularly after we scored as you could see the confidence start to come back in the team. Milner’s cross was a beauty and Firmino finished it well. The Brazilian was back in "Poundland Suarez" mode again and was by far the best player on the pitch. If he ever finds any sort of consistency then he’ll be ace, but in truth he’s just as likely to stink at Villa Park next week as he is to play well.

He did brilliantly to create the second goal for Lallana soon afterwards and that should have been goodnight Sunderland. I left the ground at 2-0 and I got back to the car just in time to put the radio on and hear Defoe’s equaliser. Having since seen it on TV, that first goal was a joke. Mignolet completely screwed up the positioning of his wall and then he allowed a tame shot to squirm past him.

THAT is the reason they blew the game, it has nothing to do with us walking out because, let’s face it, this group of players have made a habit of this kind of thing. And if you do believe the fans were responsible, then that just shows what we know anyway; "Football without fans is nothing". Once Sunderland pulled one back it was inevitable a second would follow. Sakho’s attempt at preventing Defoe turning and shooting was schoolboy-like. Unfortunately he’s not been very good at all since coming back from injury.

Had Mignolet not allowed them back into it though I highly doubt the second goal happens. It was a collective shitting of pants that came about because the keeper gave Sunderland a glimmer of hope. I’ve defended Mignolet more than most, but it’s getting out of hand now and I really hope to see Danny Ward against West Ham this week. 

We’re down to 9th now and heading in the wrong direction. No-one would be surprised if we lost at Villa next week and we’re only 3 points ahead of 12th spot now. You look at how fucking shite we are and have to wonder just how these owners (and that slimy sellout twat Ayre) have the balls to charge us top level prices to watch mid table shite. Because that’s what we are, mid-table shite. I honestly don’t even think we’ll be in the top half come May, especially as we’ll have to start prioritising the cups. That’s not even the point though, even if we were riding high at the top of the table these prices would not be acceptable.

The extra TV money coming in this year should see clubs across the board slashing prices because they’d be no worse off if they did. Maybe some other clubs will do that, but ours don’t plan to. So you have to ask the question, just what are they planning on doing with all that extra money? It’ll be more of the same.

The gobshites they employ to oversee transfers will buy more shit players (although hopefully Klopp’s presence will mean they aren’t ALL shite this year), they’ll pay them even more out of control wages than before and they’ll be boxing off all those cunt agents with yet more millions for facilitating these terrible deals.
This isn’t a case of FSG keeping the TV money for themselves, that’s not what they’re about. They aren’t in it for the quick buck, they’re in it for the slow one. If we continue to let them they’ll rinse us for as much as possible in as many ways as possible to raise the value of their investment until they can get maximum profit when the time is right to sell. That’s not a secret, they’re a hedge fund, its what they do.

They had a chance to do the right thing this summer, to give a little back while still ensuring they still made money and increased the value of the club. Instead they just said “let’s charge as much as we think we can realistically get away with and then spin it so not only do the idiots not know they’re getting fleeced, but they actually think we’re doing them a favour”. How else do you explain the official site’s leading story being about the £9 tickets and the free kids ones? They think we’re thick, and unfortunately some of us are. You only have to look at some of the horrendous shite being spouted by some deluded fuckwits on social media to see that.

Thankfully in this day and age there are enough platforms for those who can see through the bullshit and crunch the numbers themselves to be able to get the message out. It’s not as easy to pull the wool over supporters eyes as it once was, and that led us to what happened on Saturday.

The second half was just surreal. It felt like everyone was just clock watching waiting to see what happened on 77 minutes. It was all going swimmingly as Lallana’s goal had looked to have made the game safe and perhaps made it easier for any waverers to walk out. At 0-0 some may have felt guilty about “abandoning the team” when the game was in the balance, but at 2-0 that 'dilemma' was removed. Personally it wouldn’t have bothered me in the slightest what the score was, there’s a much bigger picture here. I was walking out no matter what and I’d do it without even the tiniest little shred of guilt or regret.

The build up to the 77th minute was great. A chant of “out the ground on 77” was followed by a rousing YNWA and then an even more belting “you greedy bastards, enough is enough” that was taken up by lots around the stadium. Still, what was going to happen when the time came? 

I knew it would get a good response but wasn’t sure just how good it would be. My worry was that the Kop would walk out and most of the rest of the ground would stay put, which would have seriously pissed me off as the lads and lasses on the Kop aren’t even being hit by the increase, it’s the rest of us. If they’re walking on our behalf then the least the rest of us could do is to follow suit. When the clock hit 77, loads of us where I sit in the Main Stand got up and walked out. There were plenty who stayed though.

I’d already decided beforehand I was going to respect people’s decision and not pass comment to those who stayed behind and I didn’t, even though it was exasperating to see. My Dad on the other hand, did appeal to some on his way out to “show some character and stick together”. He wasn't abusive, more imploring than anything, but it fell on deaf ears and most of those I saw who stayed were just looking very sheepish. And so they should.

Look, people have paid their money and can do what they like. I (kind of) respect their right to do that and I’m not not angry with them, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed. I don’t know what people’s reasons were for staying but I can only speculate that it was one of the following:
* They wanted to get their money’s worth.
* They wanted to stay and support the team and don’t agree with leaving early.
* They felt it was a waste of time and wasn’t going to achieve anything
* They’re quite happy to pay whatever prices FSG charge because they can afford to do it, so screw everyone else.
I can’t think of any other reasons, but if I’ve overlooked any then please let me know as I’m genuinely curious as to why so many people didn’t take part. I know a shitload of us did and that 10,000 or 15,000 or however many it was is a hell of a statement. 40,000 would have been an even bigger one though, don’t you think? We'd probably be looking at £30 a ticket next year if that had happened.

Looking at those possible reasons for staying, I just don’t see in any real merit in any of them. I realise that some people’s situations are different to others, and if you’ve travelled a long way for your first game or your one game a season or whatever, it’s not easy walking out. I get that, I do. Similarly, if you’re taking your kid to their first game or something then it’s a difficult decision to make.
In those situations it is understandable that you wouldn’t want to leave early, but equally is it really that big a sacrifice to make for the greater good of your fellow fans? I don’t think it is, but maybe that’s just me. To be fair I’m not in that situation as I go all the time, so it’s easier for me to walk out as I know I’ll be there next time (unless there’s calls for a boycott in which I won’t be).

“Why should I not see the full game, I’ve paid enough for it”. Yeah you have, which is entirely the point. If you’re not happy about ticket prices but you didn’t walk out, you’re allowing the rest of us to make sacrifices on YOUR behalf as well as our own.

Maybe you don’t agree with a walk out and would have preferred another method of demonstration? That’s fine, you might be well be right, but a walk out is what people came up with so whether you think it’s the right way to do it or not, why not just support it anyway because that’s the only way we can make a difference? If you aren’t prepared to make a stand then you’re effectively telling the club that they can continue acting the cunt and you won’t do a thing about it.

“Stay and support the team”. Right, that would be the group of sub standard players who are paid millions of pounds a year, partly funded by the money we spend on tickets, many of whom won’t give a flying fuck about the struggles fans have to attend games. They’re part of the problem. Them and their leech agents.
Ticket prices started going up when players wages did. That was fine at first, they deserved to be paid a lot more than they had been but over the last decade it’s just completely gotten out of hand, with 100k a week salaries now commonplace for players who are often just decent at best. 
Stay and support them? Some of you did that on Saturday and how’d it work out for ya? They get more than enough support, but who is supporting the fans? No-one, except ourselves. And not even all of us are doing that.

The worst thing about this whole episode is there were fans who weren’t prepared to walk out on 77 minutes in solidarity with the rest of us, yet were off like shit off a stick when Sunderland equalised. That’s a disgrace, as are those who “stayed to support the team” only to then boo them at full time.
(It shouldn't need clarifying, but just in case it does, I'm not labelling those who chose to stay to support the team and didn't boo with either of the above groups of turds.)

“It’s a waste of time, it won’t achieve anything as we’ve already given them our money” - Well it has achieved something, they’re absolutely shitting themselves and we’ve got them on the run. How far it goes depends on how far we are now willing to take it, and also how many of us are prepared to get involved.
It was never about hitting them in the pocket on Saturday anyway, it was about showing what can happen if they don't listen. Together we’re strong, divided we’re weak. Even if you think it’s a fight we can’t win, you owe it to yourselves and the rest of us to fight anyway.

If your attitude is that you can afford it so you don’t care about anyone else, well then you’re supporting the wrong club.

I’m proud that I walked out and I’m proud of all of those who I walked out with. Believe it or not, that’s the best I’ve felt leaving Anfield in 18 months. It felt good to be a part of something like that, it was empowering and I genuinely feel sorry for those who thought staying behind was the right thing to do, because not only did they have to watch the team capitulate, but they missed out on something special. Those of you reading this who walked out know exactly what I’m saying, because you felt it too. We all did, the feeling of unity and defiance was almost palpable.
“Enough is enough” was being belted out defiantly as people poured out onto Anfield Road and Walton Breck Road, and we all knew that a message had been sent. We’d achieved something, how big that achievement turns out to be we don’t know yet, but it was something and it felt fucking good.

What makes it all the more impressive is that all this happened with just a few days notice. Supporters groups can use social media now to get the word out and rally the troops, and to have so many people walk out of the stadium was a real achievement for fan power. For too long we’ve just meekly accepted this shit, thinking there’s nothing we can do about it. But there is something we can do. We can fight, and if enough of us stick together we can win.



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#4053037 FAO stevebaby

Posted by Reds4Life on 27 January 2015 - 07:40 AM

Greetings and salutations!

Well where to begin??!!

I hadn't been to see Ste for a week or so so I made sure that if I got the chance I would get in and say g'day on Australia Day.

Cev and I had been talking and we are going to try and get the man out to an Irish bar here in the Rocks called the Mercantile or as we all know it Molly Malone's Bar on Friday afternoon. You are all invited of course but if photos of drunken debauchery are all that can be done then so be it.

It's not too far from where the main man is staying and if we can get a few scoops in with a wee bit of a sing song to some rebel songs then all the better. I've been practising my Fields of Athenry and Leaving of Liverpool religiously for days, can't say the same for my Guiness sipping though I'm sure I'll be well into the swing of things after a couple!

So to my visit yesterday. A couple of you may or may not know but a few of the Liverpool legends were here three weeks ago doing some talks around Australia.

A top man on here named Ticklemeclemo (Nath) got in contact with me an Cev to see if we could maybe try and swing a trip in to the hospital from the lads if time permitted.

It was all down to Nath's perserverance with 5times and conversing with Robin that got a result.

Nath sent them a link to the thread as well as the backstory to the main man we know as Ste Gandy.

Robin apologised on behalf of the lads but because of their tight schedule a visit may prove to be difficult to organise.

However Robbie was well gutted with not being able to get in to see the man but took the time to make Ste his very own video.

Nath, Cev and I just wanted to show Ste the message before we banged it up on here for everyone to see but his computer spat the dummy for a week or so so we weren't able to do it.

I asked Nath to put the video up under his user name because honestly the lad deserves all the credit in the world. Of course he refused and said that it isn't about him but credit where credit is due mate, you did a fucking outstanding thing for the man and you deserve all the praise in the world.

I obviously have thanked Robbie for taking the time to do what he did, we are all family was the response. So Robbie Fowler, thank you mate. I had always idolised you growing up, we are around the same age (shame I am miles better looking like but you can't win them all la!!)

Anyways the effect it had on Ste was untold. I can't imagine the pain the man is under but it was an added bit of relief for him and his spirits were undoubtedly lifted as a result of it.

I did get to meet a few of the interesting characters Ste has staying with him and over the next three and a half hours we told everyone that Ste had just got a message from God.

People thought we were either insane or a Blues Brothers cover band but their happiness for Ste and level of excitement just from what he told them was not only visible but you could feel it too.

I may have said this before but there is a real sense of camaraderie within that hospice and it all begins and ends with Ste. They see the red everywhere, they see the Liver Bird, they see these two funny sounding lads coming in all the time (Cev is a Scouser as well, although technically I am a "sock robber") and they are all becoming known to me. Noelene, Jimmy, all of them I will never forget.

I have said this in front of Ste but not here. This man is truly an inspiration. He has been a massive motivator for me in my own life and visiting him has helped me get through a few of my own personal struggles.

There are a couple of things in particular which have stood out for me.

We were down by Green Jesus one day and he said to me "Kev if you want things to happen in life, then only you can make them happen" which has never been too true a saying. I wrote that one down and promised that I would adopt that as my mantra from now on.

The other is Ste's indomitable spirit. I have seen a man with an outlook on life that is rivalled by no other. He is one who not only does what he says he means every single word, every single action.

In the most difficult of circumstances he appreciates the positive and this is something I will integrate into my own life. Someone, somewhere is having a much shittier ride than you so be grateful, be thankful, love a lot and be happy.

In the most unusual circumstances some truly great friendships have been formed. Without Ste I would never have met Cev and Alex or got to speak to Nath.

I am no ambassador, I am by no stretch of the imagination a great person either. I have my fair shake of faults, mistakes and misgivings but I genuinely believe that this experience has made me a better person and I really look up to this extraordinary man named Ste Gandy. A true champion.

A man that deserves all the admiration, love and support that we can give.

Now go bite those tiles comrade!!!

See you Friday mate.

You'll Never Walk Alone bud.
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#4279319 Europa League - Liverpool v Sion

Posted by xerxes on 02 October 2015 - 04:11 AM

So what had I said that you disagree with, that game was meaningless and we should have won.If we win on Sunday and players who were rested perform his decision will be justified.

I went last night. I shall assume that you are not trolling.

Sion have lost their last two games in the mighty Swiss league. The last was a home defeat against the formidable Vaduz, who play in a ground with a seated capacity of under 7000 and who were playing in their second tier last season. Sion’s Chairman branded that defeat ‘pathetic’ and ‘embarrassing’, just as well they had their next fixture against us as a pick-me –up. Sion’s average salary is around £4,500 a week, less than a tenth of ours, their annual income is £15.8m, again less than a tenth of ours.

You say :”It’s clear this is just another excuse to bitch about BR… fans were saying … our squad players should be battering them. Everyone’s making out they are shit but all I know about them is they have won two domestics cups under that manager and recently beat Basel the team that knocked our starters out of the cl last season 3-0”

Yes we should be battering them. Their resources are a fraction of ours. But their manager, the revered Didier Tholot, ( Keith Curle speaks highly of him) outwitted Brendan. Maybe his experience at five clubs was too much? Maybe it was his playing experience of almost 500 league games? Maybe it was his European credentials as a 96 Uefa Cup Finalist with Bordeaux? All trump Brendan’s CV.

I know that the Council are trying to boost the City as a tourist destination, but does Brendan really need to be working so hard to ensure that the ARE visitors section is becoming a tourist attraction in its own right?

Make no mistake, the boos rang out again after the final whistle- and were justified. There is no anti-Brendan conspiracy, just his own results and ineptitude on display for the entertainment of non-Reds.

Origi is an £11m buy. A forward. Yet Brendan, in an important Euro game tells us that: “Divock knows the next step for him is finishing.” Fuck me, isn’t that the first step for an £11m forward?

Reluctantly, I have come to accept that our days as serious, consistent title challengers are over for the foreseeable future. But I do not accept that as the richest club in the EL we should not be demanding and expecting semi -final finishes as a minimum. Equally, we should be employing a manager who is capable of delivering that, which we are not.

I admire your loyalty to Brendan in the face of overwhelming odds now. But you are totally wrong to suggest a media led campaign against him, try telling the fans in the Scotty Road after the Carlisle, West Ham and last night’s games that they are sheep following the media and you will be surprised by the strength of their counter case…

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#4428785 I think we should ban Man Utd fans from Anfield next season

Posted by Faustus on 11 March 2016 - 06:52 PM

There were fuck all Munich chants last night. Anybody saying otherwise is a liar. Simple as. Obviously you can't legislate for the odd moron in a crowd of thousands shouting something or making an aeroplane gesture (they should rightfully be ejected and banned), but to suggest this is even some way comparable is staggering. In their case, we're talking a fucking majority of their end (thousands when we play at their place) going through their usual hateful repertoire.


The sad thing is, there's a fair section of their support who aren't even arsed about Munich. To them, it's just something used to take the moral high ground or eke a reaction. I've lost count of the amount of times I've watched us play at Old Trafford and seen swathes of their support not even watching the match, eyes on our allocation making aeroplane gestures, all singing 'where's your famous Munich song?' and when our knobhead fringe have obliged, they've responded with ironic cheers and applause.


That, and their shithouse response today, just sums their club up. They don't sing 'we're Man Utd, we do what we want' because it scans or it's a catchy tune, it encapsulates their whole mentality of thinking they're above standards and decency. If it's not singing the usual shite to us, it's singing 'always look out for Turkish fans with knives' after winning the league not long after the two Leeds fans were stabbed in Istanbul. If it's not wearing Cantona masks on trips to Selhurst Park, it's journeying on to the bridge close to the Stadio Olimpico despite warnings not to and then crying when they take a hiding. If it's not their own fucking players singing about winning it three times without killing anyone on the pitch in Moscow, it's the head of their own supporters club laughably claiming 'always the victim' isn't about Hillsborough after they sang it in response to Aston Villa fans singing 'justice for the 96' the weekend after the findings were released. They're the equivalent of a shithouse little kid consciously pushing people's buttons to see how far they can go and then throwing a paddy when someone finally decides to give them a deserved clip round the ear.


They're just a horrible, horrible club. Fuck them. Lying, hypocritical, antagonistic shithouses.

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