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Rodgers OUT / Klopp IN

A lot's happened since the last show a little over a week ago. We recap the Merseyside derby and the aftermath that saw Brendan Rodgers sacked, and also look to the future and discuss the arrival of Jurgen Klopp. 



Listen on the embedded player below or by subscribing to the show via our podcast page.



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Dave not holding back on this episode. Must-listen.

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Numbers loves the shit players on loan don't he
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I think the problems Dave mentions are pretty much covered by Klopp being allowed to bring his own team in with him,his Bosnian assistant and his analyst. This guarantees trust and loyalty,something I felt which was sadly lacking with Brendan Rodgers set up. As Numbers mentioned Rodgers was a bit overawed by the players he inherited when he took the job here,he never said that but I always felt he was and chose to try and be one of the boys rather than keep his distance. Incidentally our two most successful managers of recent times made sure they kept their distance from the players and it worked a treat. I think Klopp will be closer to the players,but not too close.

I am still quietly amused at the fact that it was actually a Bosnian newspaper which broke the Klopp story on Sunday morning yet its hardly been mentioned by much of the media since.


I am so excited that we have a world class manager for our world class club. Get the fuck in there!

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Intersting as well the discussion regarding strikers as Klopp brought Aubameyang to Dortmund and he is like a cross between Sturridge,a natural finisher and Ings,a phenomenal workrate. He would be a hell of a signing if he was ever available. 8 games in a row he has now scored for Dortmund this season.

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There is bound to be players he has managed before who fancy working with him again - will be good seeing them arrive to replace some of those who need moving on from our squad.
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Numbers makes a fair defence of Rodgers but pointing out that he 'embarrassed' big clubs when he was at Reading and Swansea is a bit much. How many times were Liverpool embarrassed by small and/or shite clubs with himself as the manager?

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Numbers didn't sit on the fence in this one. He's usually a bit tentative in putting his opinion across.

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I think when it's just me and him there's more scope for him to have his say. If there's two of us he just sits back and plays the interviewer's role.


He does love his shit loan players though doesn't he! Almost as much as he loves Teixiera.

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Dave, get dennistooth on.

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Dave, get dennistooth on.

He's way too badass for broadcast media. The structural confines of a football podcast can't handle the trooth
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Thanks Rodgers, thanks a lot. You really were shite at buying players.

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