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How Liverpool Can Win the Title Next Season

Liverpool winning the league would be a life changing experience for anyone born in the red half of Liverpool. It would be like gaining full and unlimited access to all of bet365 promo codes.
It seems however, that this season, just like so many seasons before it, it won’t be Liverpool’s year and Liverpool fans will have to stay at home and watch Chelsea fans celebrate winning the title.
But can Liverpool win the title any time soon? Well, actually they can and they only need to make a few changes in their squad and their approach to the game to achieve this. In this article we are going to look at three factors which may determine whether Liverpool win the league next season or not. 


Keep Klopp
Klopp has been with Liverpool for only a few seasons, but it already seems like he has been there forever. The club and the German have created such a strong bond, that it is unthinkable watching a Liverpool team managed by someone else.
However, that might just be the case next season, as Barcelona will part ways with Luis Enrique and the German is the strongest candidate to take over.
His fast paced, high pressing football seems perfect for the people at Barcelona and nobody can blame them. Both Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool, and even Mainz before that played amazing football which was both effective in terms of results and appealing to the eye.
This means that the biggest task that the Liverpool board is going to face this summer is to fend off interest from Barcelona and keep Liverpool’s favourite German at Anfield. 
Buy a Quality Striker
If there is one part of the team that Klopp has had problems with this season it is attack and the striker position. Liverpool have adequate players in all of their departments except for the most advanced one.
Unfortunately, Sadio Mane is the only player in Liverpool’s squad worthy of the epithet ‘world class’. Daniel Sturridge, Divock Origi and even Adam Lallana have all been tried out as partners to Mane, but nothing has worked so far.
Liverpool need to invest in a new striker and they should do it fast. 
Stay out of European Competitions
This suggestion is a little unorthodox, especially as the Champions League and the Europa League are very lucrative and can fill the club’s coffers for many years to come.
However, if you look at how Chelsea have fared this season, and take in consideration that they didn’t have any European commitments, then it all becomes much more acceptable.
A team which is not competing on several fronts can have more rest between matches and a core squad of 14-15 players to rely on at all times. This has proved as key for Chelsea this season.
We are not saying that Liverpool shouldn’t qualify for the Champions and Europa League on purpose; however, what we are saying is that it won’t be the end of the world if they compete only in the EPL next season.

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