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Misc Articles Archives

Will 2018/2019 finally bring an end to Liverpool's title hurt?

Mar 25 2018 08:00 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

It’s become a running joke that next year is always Liverpool’s year but there is a growing sense of optimism surrounding Anfield under the tenure of Jurgen Klopp, who has developed one of the best attacks in the Premier League. Klopp has brought...

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Spurs result not bad but shows where Liverpool are lacking

Feb 05 2018 07:59 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Liverpool and Tottenham provided a superb advertisement for the Premier League when they played out a pulsating 2-2 draw at Anfield on Sunday afternoon. But it was a nerve shredding game for the home fans and it ultimately ended in disappointment thank...

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Does Reds' transfer window show an affirming belief in young English players?

Feb 01 2018 09:05 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

When the transfer window slammed shut on January 31, many Liverpool fans were left scratching their heads as to whether it had been successful for the club, or whether they've been left woefully short up front. The only business that saw players a...

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Emre Can future unclear but hopes of Anfield stay remain

Jan 26 2018 10:48 AM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Emre Can’s future continues to be the source of much speculation, but the likelihood of him remaining a Liverpool player beyond this season appears to have increased as Juventus this week admitted they are having difficulty persuading the player...

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FIFA World Cup: The Business Beyond Football

Jan 17 2018 01:38 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

This summer, for a month or so, all eyes will be on Russia, the host of the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Although the UK bade as well, it was Russia that won the right to organize the event (no, the UK won't host the next one either - it will take plac...

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Have Liverpool Found Emre Can’s Replacement?

Jan 12 2018 08:57 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

While Jurgen Klopp hasn’t given up on the prospect of keeping Emre Can beyond the summer, it appears that the German international will depart for Juventus once his contract runs out this summer. Having learned a lesson from the Philippe Coutinho sage,...

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Online Casino in the World of Football

Jan 10 2018 07:40 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

More people than ever before is gambling on sports and online casino. There was a time when gambling it self was looked down upon, gambling on online casino anyway. Sure, there are still people who have that state of mind today. And I can see why many...

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What are Liverpool’s Chances of Winning the Champions League?

Dec 23 2017 12:17 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Liverpool returned to the Champions League this year after what felt like an eternity away, and so far it's gone about as well as could be expected. The Reds last played the competition in 2014/15 under the management of Brendan Rodgers, but i...

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Will the Reds secure a top four spot in the face of such strong competition?

Dec 22 2017 11:33 AM | tlw content in Misc Articles

The race for the top four looks set to go down to the wire this year with five teams seemingly going for three places. Manchester City are out on their own in what looks to be an unassailable position after winning 14 out of the 15 games they have play...

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BetVictor – A Closer Look at Liverpool FC’s Official Betting Partner

Dec 20 2017 06:27 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Such is football nowadays that virtually every major club has an official betting partner. Even if they do not appear on the shirts, they work behind the scenes, often serving up betting facilities within the ground, featuring the stars in their televi...

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Top 5 Tips to More Successful Online Sports Betting Practices

Dec 19 2017 04:08 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

For some time now, sports fans have been able to make use of their passion and profit from their favourite games. In the past, this was possible through individuals who took bets and collected the wagers prior to each game, and later divided the winnin...

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Premier League Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Dec 08 2017 02:30 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

This year, all football fans in England have a lot to celebrate: the Premier League has reached its 25th anniversary season. The FA Premier League was formed on May 27, 1992, working out of an office at the Football Association.  The inaugural mem...

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Liverpool Good Value To Finish In The Top 4

Nov 30 2017 09:39 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Liverpool passed one of their toughest tests so far this season with a brilliant 3-0 win on a cold Wednesday night in Stoke. Jurgen Klopp even had the luxury of starting the match with key players Mo Salah and Philippe Coutinho on the bench. Sadio...

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Case for the Defense: Joe Gomez to centre back?

Nov 17 2017 10:42 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Amid the muted fanfare over England’s 0-0 draw with Brazil on Tuesday night, two Liverpool players have emerged from the game with their stock raised significantly. New signing Dominic Solanke came off the bench to get his first cap for his count...

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Money talks, so top four is over-achieving

Nov 13 2017 05:20 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

The next six or seven weeks could be pivotal in Liverpool’s season. Jurgen Klopp’s side have made a steady enough start and were it not for the blistering pace being set by runaway leaders Manchester City, a title challenge would still be a possibility...

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The cavalry are arriving just in time

Nov 11 2017 04:08 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Barring any unforeseen mishaps between now and next weekend, Jurgen Klopp will finally be able to call upon all of his main attacking players for the first time since pre-season. Adam Lallana has yet to kick a ball in anger this season, while Phil...

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Reds vs Huddersfield – Jurgen Welcomes His Apprentice

Oct 27 2017 07:53 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

This Saturday’s game at Anfield has a few undercurrents attached to it before the whistle even blows. There’s the ongoing fragility of the home defence, which is currently making errors too embarrassing to be called “schoolboy”....

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What does January hold in store?

Oct 25 2017 04:17 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

With each passing transfer window the pressure begins to mount on Jurgen Klopp and FSG as they fail to address their glaring weakness at heart of defence. Not only that, Liverpool need to keep a lock on the door at Anfield to prevent their top stars be...

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A look at all the trophies Liverpool and Manchester United have won

Oct 12 2017 10:57 AM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Two of the biggest and most historic football clubs in the world, both Manchester United and Liverpool have spent significant periods of time dominating the English game.  Liverpool spent much of the 1970s and 80s dominating the English top divisi...

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Reds need win at Leicester to get back on track

Sep 22 2017 09:10 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

The next seven days could prove to be pivotal in Liverpool’s season. Winless in their last four games, Jurgen Klopp’s side were eliminated from the League Cup in midweek by Leicester City but have an opportunity this weekend to exact reveng...

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Are Liverpool strong enough at left back?

Sep 11 2017 09:35 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

One of the main areas that Liverpool struggled in last season was at left-back. Alberto Moreno failed to convince and James Milner replaced him in week two of the campaign.  Milner of course, is a midfielder by trade, but the 31-year-old form...

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Why Fantasy Football works at work

Sep 07 2017 03:30 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need too much convincing about the appeal of fantasy football. Whether it’s FPL, or DraftKings, the opportunity to pit your footballing instinct and knowledge against friends, family and...

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Europe most likely as Reds chase glory on two fronts

Sep 07 2017 01:12 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Dubious reports in the Spanish press this week claimed that Philippe Coutinho will refuse to play for Liverpool in the Champions League this season.  Typical nonsense from a media outlet that has consistently been wrong about everything all summer...

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Football Betting vs. Online Slots - Which Way You Have a Better Chance of Winning Money?

Aug 22 2017 03:29 AM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Gambling exists for over two millenniums and as the times were changing, so did the betting process. The first form of gambling was what we call nowadays lotteries; then it moved to dicing in Ancient Rome, across cards in China, baccarat in Italy, and...

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Raised expectations but players should embrace the challenge - by Jason Harris

Aug 08 2017 04:00 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

As we rapidly approach the start of another Premier League season, hope springs eternal for fans all across the football world. For some clubs, just escaping relegation will be hailed as a overwhelming success while others are just happy to be a mid ta...

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