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Misc Articles

Case for the Defense: Joe Gomez to centre back?

Nov 17 2017 10:42 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Amid the muted fanfare over England’s 0-0 draw with Brazil on Tuesday night, two Liverpool players have emerged from the game with their stock raised significantly. New signing Dominic Solanke came off the bench to get his first cap for his count...

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Money talks, so top four is over-achieving

Nov 13 2017 05:20 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

The next six or seven weeks could be pivotal in Liverpool’s season. Jurgen Klopp’s side have made a steady enough start and were it not for the blistering pace being set by runaway leaders Manchester City, a title challenge would still be a possibility...

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The cavalry are arriving just in time

Nov 11 2017 04:08 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Barring any unforeseen mishaps between now and next weekend, Jurgen Klopp will finally be able to call upon all of his main attacking players for the first time since pre-season. Adam Lallana has yet to kick a ball in anger this season, while Phil...

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Reds vs Huddersfield – Jurgen Welcomes His Apprentice

Oct 27 2017 07:53 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

This Saturday’s game at Anfield has a few undercurrents attached to it before the whistle even blows. There’s the ongoing fragility of the home defence, which is currently making errors too embarrassing to be called “schoolboy”....

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What does January hold in store?

Oct 25 2017 04:17 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

With each passing transfer window the pressure begins to mount on Jurgen Klopp and FSG as they fail to address their glaring weakness at heart of defence. Not only that, Liverpool need to keep a lock on the door at Anfield to prevent their top stars be...

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A look at all the trophies Liverpool and Manchester United have won

Oct 12 2017 10:57 AM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Two of the biggest and most historic football clubs in the world, both Manchester United and Liverpool have spent significant periods of time dominating the English game.  Liverpool spent much of the 1970s and 80s dominating the English top divisi...

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Reds need win at Leicester to get back on track

Sep 22 2017 09:10 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

The next seven days could prove to be pivotal in Liverpool’s season. Winless in their last four games, Jurgen Klopp’s side were eliminated from the League Cup in midweek by Leicester City but have an opportunity this weekend to exact reveng...

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Are Liverpool strong enough at left back?

Sep 11 2017 09:35 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

One of the main areas that Liverpool struggled in last season was at left-back. Alberto Moreno failed to convince and James Milner replaced him in week two of the campaign.  Milner of course, is a midfielder by trade, but the 31-year-old form...

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Why Fantasy Football works at work

Sep 07 2017 03:30 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need too much convincing about the appeal of fantasy football. Whether it’s FPL, or DraftKings, the opportunity to pit your footballing instinct and knowledge against friends, family and...

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Europe most likely as Reds chase glory on two fronts

Sep 07 2017 01:12 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Dubious reports in the Spanish press this week claimed that Philippe Coutinho will refuse to play for Liverpool in the Champions League this season.  Typical nonsense from a media outlet that has consistently been wrong about everything all summer...

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Football Betting vs. Online Slots - Which Way You Have a Better Chance of Winning Money?

Aug 22 2017 03:29 AM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Gambling exists for over two millenniums and as the times were changing, so did the betting process. The first form of gambling was what we call nowadays lotteries; then it moved to dicing in Ancient Rome, across cards in China, baccarat in Italy, and...

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Raised expectations but players should embrace the challenge - by Jason Harris

Aug 08 2017 04:00 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

As we rapidly approach the start of another Premier League season, hope springs eternal for fans all across the football world. For some clubs, just escaping relegation will be hailed as a overwhelming success while others are just happy to be a mid ta...

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Is There Really A Liverpool Way?

Aug 07 2017 06:10 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

The phrase The Liverpool Way is one that often crops up around our great club. It lends itself to our name, but what exactly is it? Is The Liverpool Way still a thing in 2017? Most fans would agree that Jurgen Klopp has got the team playing The Li...

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Pre-Season Shorts - Athletic Bilbao 1 Liverpool 3

Aug 06 2017 12:40 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

1) The first half an hour was quality, but then as soon as the tempo dropped we looked ropey as hell at the back up until half time. This is our big problem really. When we play at our pace we can beat absolutely anybody. When that pace drops off, as i...

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Pre-Season Shorts - Atletico Madrid 1 Liverpool 1

Aug 02 2017 09:13 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

1) That was desperately (and predictably) dull. I knew it would be, partly because we played 24 hours earlier and partly because we were playing Atletico, who are the most well drilled, game strangling bastards in Europe. 2) Danny Ward didn’...

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Pre-Season Shorts - Bayern 0 Liverpool 3

Aug 01 2017 09:02 PM | tlw content in Misc Articles

1) That front three, with Coutinho and Lallana supporting, are going to tear a lot of teams apart this season. I could see there being games where we score six, seven or even eight against some unsuspecting fools. We’ll score a ton of goals this...

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Why Losing Sakho should not be an option

Jul 24 2017 10:56 AM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Any Liverpool fans nursing any lingering hope that Mamadou Sakho may yet have a future as a Reds player may just have seen those hopes dashed. With news that the Frenchman has been left out of the squad that travelled to Germany, a sale or, at the very...

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Pre-Season Shorts - Leicester 1 Liverpool 2

Jul 23 2017 10:02 AM | tlw content in Misc Articles

1) Coutinho in that deeper role is twice the player he is when he’s in the front three. He seems to score more goals when he plays in midfield (it would be interesting to see the numbers on that, but it feels like he scores every time he plays deep), h...

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Pre-Season Shorts - Palace 0 Liverpool 2

Jul 20 2017 09:36 AM | tlw content in Misc Articles

1) Before I get to Palace... I didn’t bother posting any thoughts from the Wigan game on Friday as it was just incredibly dull and I couldn't be arsed. If I was to say anything about it, it would have been that Salah looked a bit tasty and that h...

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Pre-Season Shorts - Tranmere 0 Liverpool 4

Jul 13 2017 11:03 AM | tlw content in Misc Articles

Firstly, and it's important to get this out of the way right out of the gate, THESE GAMES MEAN NOTHING. Performances, whether good or bad, MEAN NOTHING.  Allowing individual performances to influence your opinion on a player is both foolish an...

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